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Silver Investing in 2014

Precious metals are extremely useful, rare materials that are often used as a currency. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium have all become highly praised investment vehicles. The investment-grade precious metals have many similar characteristics in common, but they are also each unique in their own ways. Investing in silver bullion has long been standard practice among prudent, financially-minded people, but today it is becoming more and more common. You don’t need to be a seasoned investor to be able to take advantage of silver’s many benefits.

The most common ways to buy silver are by purchasing bullion either in bar form, or in coins. These are ideal because you will know exactly how pure the silver is and how much you are receiving. Larger bars tend to have a slight discount, so this can be a great way to save some money when buying in bulk. Bars are also easy to store in large quantities, as they can be stacked.

The Exciting World of Precious Metals Investing

While it hasn’t exactly been the best year for silver as an investment opportunity, people should definitely not count it out. Just like any investment, the precious metal has had its fair share of ups and downs. For those seriously considering a move into the world of precious metals investing, silver should not be forgotten as a serious contender. Even though there have been less than stellar predictions for the future of silver, most experts still consider it a viable option. Many still think the entire world is headed towards a life of physical assets over the less stable paper ones.

Those that are more familiar with the history of silver as an investment have held fast to their portfolio full of silver. In spite of the fact that silver recently hit the lowest price in the past ten years, CPM Group, a firm that researches commodities and manages assets, has predicted silver to hit record highs within the next ten years of precious metals investing.

Silver as a Viable Investment

Precious Metals Market Offers a Stable Investment Option

The world’s economy can change rather quickly. Even though things are seeming to get better in the United States and in many other parts of the world, it does not mean that things couldn’t change tomorrow. Everything intertwines today, including the economies of the world. That relation is a double-edged sword for the economy though. When things go bad in one area of the world, it can have a ripple effect. This makes many investors leery when it comes to making investments. They want to find something that is strong and stable as an investment. The precious metals market is the top choice for that.

Reducing Risk
A few years ago, when the economy was doing very well, people were making investments often without putting much thought into those investments. They did not place much interest in the precious metals market and instead invested in stocks and real estate. We all know what happened to those market areas over the last couple of years. People were losing millions of dollars, and entire retirement funds were just gone. This caused some fear for investors and that fear is understandably still fresh in their mind. That’s a good thing, since it can help them to avoid those mistakes in the future. Instead of putting all of their investment money into intangible resources, they can invest in the precious metals market instead. It is a good way to reduce risk.

Why go solar?

It’s been a long, hot summer, one of the hottest on record. Our air conditioner has been working overtime just to keep us bearably comfortable and as it’s no secret that energy costs are constantly increasing, it was with trepidation we sat down to tally up the season’s cost. To say we were shocked to find we’d been charged close to a thousand dollars in four months by the power company would be an understatement. We agreed; there had to be a better way. So began our research into investing in a solar solution to our energy needs.

Benefit number one:
Like so many others, we are concerned about the environmental health of our planet, so one of the biggest benefits of installing solar panels to us was the fact it is clean. They release no CO2 or other pollutants. All solar panels need to produce energy is sunlight and space. The sun beats down on our house every day whether we use it or not, so why not capitalize on that? We would reduce our carbon footprint, doing our part in improving our world.

Benefit number two:

Generate Clean and Affordable Energy with Yorba Linda Solar Panels

In a single hour, enough energy is produced by the sun to supply all of the energy needs of humans around the world for an entire year. Yorba Linda solar panels allow us to harness the sun’s energy so that it can be converted into DC electricity for powering homes and businesses. If you are interested in relying less on your local electricity grid, now is the best time to make the switch to a residential solar energy system.

The California Solar Initiative (CSI) is making it financially possible for homeowners with varying incomes to own solar energy systems. The goal of CSI it is increase the amount of solar-generated electricity in the state. The federal government also offers financial incentives to encourage energy efficiency. The federal solar tax credit offers an uncapped 30% saving on the cost of a solar installation.