Another security hole posed danger for Apple users and company

Apple is the world’s largest technology company in terms of market value but world’s hottest tech gadgets, Apple Inc’s iPhone and iPod touch devices, is under a threat of hacker attacks when another security hole has opened up recently. This unavoidable flaw came into account only when a German security agency gave a warning of stealing of confidential data off the devices by criminals. Apple affirmed that it is working on fixing this issue which will be distributed in the upcoming software upgrade.

Security hole gives a chance to an attacker to get malicious software onto a device by trapping the owner in an infected PDF file or so. This flaw was called as the critical weakness in Apple’s iOS operating system, according to Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security. Mobile devices with internet connection are less likely to be infected than PCs but they are attraction for attackers as they can get confidential data from places like emails, calendar, contacts and other data.

Very often software vulnerabilities are seen but this flaw is alarming and certainly cannot be ignored. This is because weaknesses are already exploited actively, though in a consensual manner. A matter of concern aroused with the emergence of new version of program which would allow users to run any software and not those which were just available on its online store. There are many security issues potentially but people feel free to install their own softwares. Although this program is what people exactly wanted but they are more likely to infected said security experts.

Charlie Miller, a prominent name in Apple hacker’s team said that Apple took months to break its restriction but it would take a day or two for criminals to do so. Apple Inc. spokeswoman Bethan Lloyd said that the company is well aware of this problem and is working to fix it. It is advisable for all Apple users to secure their mobile in the way their take care of their PC.