Apple’s New Lion Operating System – Success or Crash?

Apple’s new Lion, which was released in July this year, comes as a major development measure for Mac OS X. A few months before its release, Steve Jobs had declared his post-PC philosophy in Apple’s Back to the Mac Conference saying that we are living in a post-PC world and Mac no longer continues to be the centre of the digital hub.

Lion’s predecessor, Snow Leopard had lesser features than Lion. Every new release by Apple has more than a few key new features. Panther had quicker user switching, Tiger brought the Spotlight system searching and the Time Machine – an immeasurably useful automatic back-up facility was brought by the Leopard.
Apple’s New Lion Operating System

There are application logos spread over the Launchpad of new Mac that floats over the hazy background image. One can easily move the screen right and left and can move and arrange the images in folders. It is an innovative concept as if any application shuts down without saving or crashes, it will have the saved copy of the latest document worked on automatically. Apple’s iWork suite is best for such kind of application in a Mac. Same will aid in saving all the latest versions of documents, so you don’t have to worry about the important file you deleted accidently few weeks back.

13 inch screen of the device looks stunning when full screen apps are unfolded without any space problem. That’s the beauty of Apple’s Lion OS X! There is a lot more added to the idea of Back to the Mac which is fun and interesting and useful for a regular iDevice user to connect and share with Mac.

Despite outstanding list of delightful applications ad interface, there are few issues with this new concept. Performance wise, the Back to the Mac lags slightly under the mark. There are few bugs too in this new OS. But that just the part of every new technology that comes into existence and Apple is keeping an eye over it.

In totality, Lion is a great thing happened to Mac users. It is an innovative idea with new features and completely new look. Its familiarity with iOS keeps it user friendly especially for the first time Mac users. The developers, Apple states that Mac is only a device which is handy and user friendly and not necessary the cynosure of the digital world.