Apple Steals the Show in the Q2– Tops Smart Phone Market: – Samsung Very Impressive

According to the latest survey by ICD, Apple has made a clean sweep of the smart phone market by capturing a majority share. The company has sold 20.3 million smart phones in the second quarter, with Samsung following at a close second. The company captured 19.1% of the smart phone market share. While the company sold 8.4 million smart phones in the second quarter of 2010, the sales in 2011 grew by an astounding 141.7%. The sales of iPhone has remained largely unaffected by the continuous postponement of iPhone 5, which was due in June, was postponed to September and as per the latest reports, the launch will now take place in October. 

While Apple has topped the list of smart phones sales, it was the performance of Samsung that was hugely admirable and impressive. The company registered an overall growth of 380.6% in the second quarter in comparison to second quarter sales of 2010. the growth percentage is more than double and close to thrice that of Apple’s growth. According to IDC, smart devices such as Galaxy were instrumental in the astronomical growth. The company sold 17.3 million smart phones in the second quarter and grabbed a 16.2% market share. The reason for the growth has been attributed to regular upgrades and release of new models as per schedule.

Apple’s and especially Samsung’s growth in the second quarter dealt a severe blow to Nokia, which slipped two places and settled at the third. The growth percentage of Nokia was negative with a 30.4% decline in sales. In 2010, Nokia had sold 24 million phones, while this year the sale figure slipped to 16.7 million. In the smart phone market alone, Nokia suffered a loss of almost 22% of the market share. This is an undesirable landmark for Nokia since this is the first time that the company fell below the first place. It is also the first time that the sale figure has fallen below 20 million phones.

The only consolation for Nokia is that it still leads the mobile phone market despite losing out on the smart phone industry. On the whole, Nokia sold 88.5 million phones in the second quarter and grabbed the lion’s share of 24.2% of the market. Samsung’s impressive run continued in the overall phone market as well and it stood second with a total of 70.2 million phone sales. The third place went to LG, which sold 24.8 million pieces and is way below the top two companies.