Apple Sued For Patent Violation By Droplets Inc

Apple has been sued for patent infringement by Draplets Inc. The violation is regarding tools and applications on itunes, movie trailer sites and its official website. ITunes is the application that is used for all purposes on Apple gadgets, both for smart phones and iPads. The company that has taken Apple to court is a company based in Texas. The court has been filed in Eastern Texas District Court of the United States. This is a place where patent infringement cases are dealt with very seriously and quickly. The right holders are usually favored and the decision process is short in most of the cases. Droplets Inc, the software firm, is a company that has several high profile clients such as Borland and IBM. Droplets Inc provides internet applications and tools for those enterprises which wish to scale the heights of functionality. The company has developed a number of internet applications and has been functional from March 2000. The patent in question between Droplets Inc and Apple is no. 6,687,745 and it is used for providing a stronger interface between small bandwidths and remote applications. It is a product used to enhance presenting applications. The company had filed for patent rights for this development in June 2000. The court sanctioned the patent in 2004, February.

ITunes, the trademark Apple internet application, had come under patent violation numerous times in the past several years. Interestingly, Apple, the company that is going all out to sue every other company that manufacturers products that even vaguely resemble Apple gadgets, is the most sued company in the world. Also, most of the lawsuits have been with regard to iTunes. More interestingly, for being a company that has spent months suing Samsung for the patent violation with regard to iPad design and components has made statements that patent lawsuits cause huge consumption of money and time.

In an attempt to curb the growing number of patent lawsuits, several technology companies have called for a reformation of patent laws. Giving in to the request by ome of the most powerful technology firms of the country, US government brought out a bill that will bring substantial changes in patent laws. This is sure to come as a breather for all companies.

As of now, Apple’s main war is against Google’s Android operating system and has consequently sued a number of companies that use Android software. The Galaxy Tab series of tablets by Samsung has had to bear the brunt of Apple patent infringement cases in Us, Europe, Australia and more recently, in Japan.