BlackBerry Offers New Phones But Buyers Are Skeptic

Research in Motion, the maker of BlackBerry has announced a feast for BlackBerry followers with many new smart phones ready for release. The phones will work on different network providers. The release is slated for the next few weeks. The phones will work on various providers not just in the United States but all over the world. The BlackBerry Torch 9810, which is one of the multiple phones destined for release, will be hosted by AT&T. AT&T will also sell three of the phones by RIM. The other two models that will be sold by AT&T are BlackBerry Bold touch screen and BlackBerry Torch 9860, which is a touch only smart phone. BlackBerry Touch and Torch 9850, which is a variety of Torch, will be sold under Sprint Nextel brand. This BlackBerry smart phone bonanza was announced today.

Despite the bonanza, buyers seem to be skeptic owing to a lot of reasons. NPD Connected Intelligence conducted a survey on phone preferences and unfortunately, results were not in favor of RIM BlackBerry. Among all the people who were surveyed, around 30% said that they would choose Android mobile or an iPhone. Those who preferred BlackBerry were only around 8%. The price does not seem to be the issue here since the price of the phone is not yet made public although users and experts expect the gadgets to be competitively priced along the lines of iPhone and Android. The new models of BlackBerry will function on BlackBerry OS 7. However, there is a wide skepticism about the efficiency of the operating system since it only seems to be an upgrade of the previous version. While the software was called OS 6.1 in the initial days of release, the executives of BlackBerry said that the upgrade was a major one and changed the name to OS 7.

According to BlackBerry, OS 7 will only be used for a short duration since a new operating system known as QNX is being prepared for the phone and will hit the market sometime next year. As of now, PlayBook, the BlackBerry tablet functions on this new OS and is doing alright. The biggest skepticism among users is regarding the OS since their new BlackBerry phones will be outdated very soon and before the two year contract is up. Users are hesitant of being stuck with the older version of the software that might not be compatible with newer apps. However, the strongest point of BlackBerry is its excellent email security system, which will keep the BlackBerry market afloat.