Facebook has three new user interface

Facebook introduces a new interface, which gives members a more direct control over the person allowed to see the what they post, as well as when they are getting tagged by others. Although, some of the new features are already available before, but it was hard to use since you have to click through multiple pages and pop-ups before you could use them.

Aside from what is written above, there are there are also two new, key options that you should be aware.

There  is a total of three changes in the Facebook interface.  The first one could only be use whenever you update, share a photo or link.  You can find button on the lower right of the message box enabling to have a pop up a menu, so that you could change the privacy settings for that one post.  By default, all of the post made are public, which lets all Facebook user see the message you post.  The moment hat you click on the button labeled as Public, and then you can choose from three different options: Public, Friends, and Custom.  Changing the setting to Friends will let your direct friends see the post that you made.  Choosing Custom lets you control the message that could see the message since you can choose, which friend will see the post that you made.  You can type the names of the particular person that you want to share the post.

The second new feature comes with the way you control the users that are tagging you in their post.  Some people would often tag a photo on you so that they could sell something.  Now, you have a way to get away from too much tagging since you can first approve  the photo that will appear on your wall.  Do not worry about not seeing the photos, that your friends have tagged you with, as you can still see it, but will be harder to find.   To activate the new feature, click Account -> Privacy Settings in Facebook’s upper right corner.  On the Privacy Settings page that comes into view, scroll down to How Tags Work and pick Edit Settings. A pop up dialog will emerge whose first entry  branded Profile Review, the new feature. Click Edit and punch Turn On Profile Review. Then, click Done on the settings dialog.

The last one is the capability of the message that gets posted on the wall to be available to anyone that you might want to see it. Beforehand, your option was to delete the post and start over. Now, you can control, which person can see the post, a button just like the one described above appears in its upper right corner. Click the button to choose Public, Friends, or Custom.