Facebook Tries to Encourage Business with Facebook for Business

As Google + trying to stay away from business, Facebook is doing the opposite since they are trying to help business to use their site.

Tuesday, the world’s most popular social networking site introduced a new page called Facebook for Business.  The page comes with a How-To pages guides business on how they can make full use the pages, ads, deals, social plugins and sponsored stories.

The page came as an extra feature, following Google + insisting not to make business with companies.  Google + have kicked out some companies to keep their site cleaned.

Analyst for Yankee Group, Zeus Kerravala think that Facebook is trying to jump in before Google could start. Facebook is the social site giant and has the biggest number of users today; it would be hard for Google + to compete once Facebook has established itself in the business page.  Once Facebook has jump in the market, no one can stop them as the latter started early.

Spokeswoman for Facebook, Carley Lake claims that the new page focuses on helping smaller business to make their service or product available to the world.

Lake says the new age lets small-business owners create rich social experiences, create lasting relationships and intensify the word of mouth marketing. Facebook.com/business  makes businesses achieve their objectives easier and grow bigger.

Although, Google + is just one month old, business takes the initiative to build their presence on the site. Google site’s member’s far compared to the almost billion users of Facebook, but it has proven that they could be the rival that Facebook is searching all the time.  Google + already reach 20 million users in just one month, even without the heavy promotion that everyone is expecting from Google. Business men like Reputation.com Owen Tripp know the importance of boosting your business with social networking.

Earlier, business such as Sesame Street and Ford Motors has found their way on Google +.

However, Google + ask them not to use their site, as the site was trying to focus on individuals.  Google says not to worry, since there would be a business page, but it is currently in the development stage.

Originally, Google plans on releasing a business version by the end of the year.  A few days later, Google says they will be picking a few companies to try out their business page.

Last week, Google announced that they are going to finished the business version at an earlier time –  in the next few months.

Kerravala believes that social networking has a role for business.  However, no one help companies to set up their own page.