Fix the Task Manager as a Desktop Gadget On Your Windows

Hello friend, I know very well all of you are very familiar with the Windows Task Manager utility. All time you use it for ending the process of a program or checking cup usage or networking activity. So did you ever think for using task manager as a desktop gadget. But believe me that you can use that as a desktop gadget. You can do it easily just by double clicking of your mouse.


Now I know very well what is exactly going through your mind, I am sure you are thinking now how to do that, but need not to worry I am here to teach you step by step how to do that, just follow the rest article carefully.

  1. Do right click on the Taskbar.
  2. Move your cursor towards Task Manager Utility.
  3. Select it.
  4. Then select the Performance tab or Networking tab.
  5. Now make a double click inside anywhere on your monitor, but be remembered not to make double click on the menu bar.
  6. If you do that correctly then you will not only be able to see the graphical representation of your CPU Usage or the Networking information but also you can realize the desired size as well as position of it to that desired location of that specific area.
  7. And if you ever want to see your task manager on its original look, then just make a double click inside the Task Manager window.
  8. Now you task manager once again return to its original position.
  9. So don’t waste your time.

10.  Just try it and enjoy.