Google’s Next Plan – Buying Dining Ratings Company Zagat

Search giant Google has recently decided to buy popular dining ratings company Zagat for an unclosed sum. In this matter this most popular restaurant review company will add a value asset, which will push this search giant’s existing portfolio service farther into this local market.

As we all know that people always prefer to choose local restaurant all the time, so company’s point of view this local commerce service like finding of nearby stores as well as reviews of nearby restaurants will be quiet helpful for them. Moreover, in this matter this search giant is now expecting for new acquisition, which will help them too much to fill the current void between consumers looking for service, additionally they are hoping that their this new local business tool will market them very well also.

Marissa Mayer, the senior Vice President of Local of the Maps and Location services of Google, has said in an announcement “With the help of this brand new service we will provide people some impressive array of review, ratings as well as insights – by taking its help they can easily enable themselves as an extraordinary in the matter of choosing nearby restaurants.”

Zagat was established around 32 years ago by Tim and Nina Zagat and since the beginning it has been maintaining a strong reputation by operating near about 13 countries where they exists. From the starting this company has also been providing people millions of ratings and reviews over eating, shopping, drinking and playing.

Last but not in the list in this matter the authority of Google has said that they will use this immense asset coupled along with Google Places navigation in order to adapt its local commerce as well as online mapping services, which in the present time are using mostly by browsers on mobile phone.