Ipad Responsible For 1% Web Traffic Generation

Ipad sales and usage increase

Although Ipad is a more recent introduction in the world of electronic gadgets, latest surveys show that they are responsible for around 1% of the total web traffic. While 1% might not sound like much, it is a large user ratio when the total number of users is taken into consideration. In the United States alone, Ipad generates 2.1% of the total web traffic. The survey has been conducted and released by NetMarket Share. The traffic generation by Ipad is on a steady rise.

Growth of Ipad

Considering statistics from March of this year, the Ipad traffic generation is expected to increase at the rate of 10%. In June, the traffic generated had already reached 5% and the figure is steadily increasing. It has also been observed that the sale of desktops has drastically reduced when compared to the past couple of years. Ipad is one of the largest selling gadgets in the world.

Survey consideration

While Apple has been making its sale figures public since a very long time, this survey considered more than 40,000 websites. Four hundred and thirty sources of reference were considered. Overall, the approximate numbers of users who log onto these websites were one hundred and sixty million. When the sale figures and usage patterns of Ipad were compared against the total website traffic, the result came out to be 1%, which is a quite substantial amount. Apple, as a brand, has been growing exponentially over the past many years, first with the Macintosh computers and later on with hand gadgets such as iphone and iPads. This survey has reinforced the supremacy of Apple iPads in the world of hand held gadgets. The survey also suggests that the days of a desktop computer might be very limited.

Latest mobile web browsing statistic in the United States

As per the survey, Apple takes the lion’s share on mobile web browsing in the United States. In general, the mobile systems that run on the Apple operating system are leading traffic generators. Cumulatively, iphone and iPads contribute to 60% of the total web browsing through mobiles only in the United States. When the survey was narrowed and only iPads were considered, the result was 25.5%.

Apple Ipad in the lead

In comparison, all the Android devices together, although very web friendly, projected 31.6% of website traffic. Third in line was RIM, which produces Blackberry, with a web traffic generation share of 6.9%. Further, among the different tablets produced by other companies like Samsung, Acer and Sony, Apple Ipad accounted for 97% of web traffic share.