Is your mobile application a flop?

People are very choosy, when it comes to applications for their mobile phones. In a research by consultants Deloitte, it has been found that the applications designed by global consumer and healthcare brands are failing to capture the interest of the public. It is not easy for a newcomer to crack the mobile application market as it involves a number of factors which only an established brand can understand. However, according to Deloitte, there is still great potential for brands to exploit the mobile application market with 45 per cent of smart phone owners downloading at least one app per week. First of all, people like applications which entertain and facilitate them. This market is little tough to understand and big players or established brands can understand it better.

Those application which lacks utility or lack in providing function are the most likely to fail in the long run. People may download such applications initially, but no one will download it after knowing the problems related with it. Marketers often make the mistake of assuming an app that works on an iPhone will work in the same way on an Android phone or a BlackBerry. Downloading an application is not just about satisfying utility, but a number of thing matters a lot like its presence on different phones. Therefore, brands must therefore think carefully about the demographic they want to reach and which smart phone operating system provides the best way of doing so.
Mobile application

Applications should be launched according to the taste of different people. People across different countries have different choices and it is important to launch applications which satisfy every ones need. While it may sound obvious, many apps fail because consumers experience problems using them, leading to bad reviews and fewer downloads. If a new brand launches new applications which meets the expectations of people, then it will soon gain publicity and people will love to download it. But it is necessary to understand the need and desire of people. Just putting your website on to an application doesn’t really work. Consumers have far higher expectations, particularly the Smartphone and android phone customers.¬†You cannot launch an outdated application because people are more aware and they have other options for downloading applications from other sites. Thus if the application is good, then it will attract millions of customers from all over the world.