Malware Hits Apple’s Macs, What About Iphones Then?

Macs hit by malware

Till now the Apple’s Mac were considered to be capable of avoid all these types of malware attacks, but now it seems like the time has changed, as the company’s CEO Steve Jobs is preparing for the weeks Developers Conference, the company on the other hand was making efforts to stop these malware programs. Steve Jobs is expected to reveal Apple’s new Lion for Macs and iOS 5 for the devices in this Developers Conference.

How these malwares steals your financial information
Bloomberg News’s technology columnist Jaroslovsky says, that the tactic use an infected website on mac computer to download any file, then the software puts a message about security vulnerability that will pop up in a new window, and will ask you to download software that can fix this security issue and requests you to give your credit card number. The message sounds so alarming, that many people fall into this tactic or the ploy, but many people do not fall prey to these phishing tactic. But still the number of those who fall in this tactic is considerable. Generally, the message in the pop up window refers from the security program such as Mac Protector or Mac security, so to make their tactic look genuine.

Why now macs are targeted by malware
These increasing malware attacks on the macs nowadays can be considered as the effect of growing popularity of the Macs these days, previously macs didn’t faced these problems as they were not so popular , just as windows, These malwares or phishing program were targeted on windows only but now they are targeting macs also.

How dangerous they can be
As the Apple’s other products also uses the features of the same software, so, you can imagine that these malware programs can easily reach the other products such as, iPhone, iPad. And as they are stealing the financial information of the users they can prove to be very dangerous and may also harm the popularity of the products.

As a alarming call
These cases of malware attack, can act as the alarm for the users, so that they remain extra keen about these entire phishing program and never fall prey to any of these program. Another malware program can offer you anything at unimaginable price and ask you to buy it instantly or you will lose the opportunity.