Oracle wants to overthrow Larry Page

Google CEO Larry Page might soon answer a question that would jeopardize his position on the search engine giant.

Yesterday, Oracle submitted a plead to Judge Donna Ryu of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California to remove Google co-founder and CEO because of the latter involvement in Google’s acquisition of Android Inc. back in 2005.

It was page who made the decision to acquire Android Inc. so that they (Google) could launch their own platform, which Oracles considers as a rip off from their company.  In a  letter written by Oracle to the judge, Page participated in the negotiation, which involves both Google and Sun with regards to the Java license of the Android and in succeeding communications with Oracle’s CEO, Larry Ellison.  Oracle believes that the testimony for Page is going to be relevant, which respects numerous key issues in the same case also includes the value of the infringement to Google.

Back in August, Oracle sued the search giant, Oracle asserting that Google violated a host of patents and copyrights, which relates to Java.  The said copyright that Oracle has bought at an earlier time from Sun Microsystems.  Based on the lawsuit filed under the District Court, Oracle disputing that Sun is a competitor of Java.  By using the Java-derived technologies, Google platform and Davlik has violated the intellectual property of Oracle.

In October, Google finally defends itself by saying that Davlik does not violate Java’s patent and copyright

It is true that Davlik has used the same technology, which Java claims as their own.  Davlik has their own byte code and is different from Java’s Bytecode.

However, the new information did not stop Google from pursuing the case on Google.  Last month, the same company an additional document with the District Court, asking Google to pay them $2.6 billion for damages done by Google.  A couple of weeks later, Google responded that they are willing to pay around $1.4 billion and $6.1 billion if they lose the case.

Yesterday, Oracle filed that they want to question Page.  However, Google did not like the whole idea, so they have issued a counter measure on the same document saying that Oracle only wants to harassed the search giant company since all the evidence is already available.

Google claims current vice president for Android at Google, Andy Rubin is far more knowledgeable concerning with the facts that surrounds that acquisition of Google over Android.

Google says that they will allow oracle to question Page, but they should hurry since it can only be done over a short period.  In order to depose Larry page, it must be done before July 29.