Restore Deleted Files Or Delete Permenently Files From Your Dropbox

When you are going to delete some files from your Dropbox folders then they are not deleted permanently, because after being deleted they still takes place on the Dropbox folder of your computer. So here is a good new to you that you can easily restore or recover of those files from your dropbox after being deleted. Now you think how to do that, need not to be any worried, just follow the rest tutorial carefully, I believe that you can do it easily.


  1. Do sign in to your Dropbox account.
  2. Move your cursor towards Files tab.
  3. Select that folder which contains your earlier deleted files.
  4. Hit on the Show deleted files options.

Necessary steps to restore the deleted files:

  1. Do select those files that you want to restore.
  2. Then select More.
  3. Once again choose Undelete x items from the More menu.
  4. Additionally you can make a right click on the deleted files directly.
  5. So to that first you have to choose small arrow.
  6. Then you have to select on the Undelete tab.

Necessary steps to delete the files permanently:

  1. Move your cursor towards that file which you wanted to delete and fixed that.
  2. Then move towards More command.
  3. Now select Permanently delete option.
  4. You can also do that by just clicking on the small arrow option and then choosing on the Permanently delete option.