Sainsbury shopping trolleys with built-in iPad dock

UK retailer Sainsbury is providing a new shopping experience to its customers with advanced technology, since it is trialling a new shopping trolley which will allow people to play with their iPads while they shop. The company is testing the trolleys in its store at Cromwell Road in Kensington, London. The trolley comes with its own iPad dock and speakers to allow shoppers to use them while they shop in the store.

So if you are bored of your previous shopping style, then you may want to get yourself down to Sainsbury’s as the supermarket has wheeled in a load of trolleys that you can stick your iPad into. The docks will have speakers and a tilting iPad holder and front bumper alarms in case you get to close to the shopper in from of you while you are engrossed in your TV show! The trolleys are being developed with Sky who is promoting their Sky Go service for the iPad, so sports fans can watch Sky sports while doing their weekly shop.

This would be amazing for shoppers during the time of football matches and formula one broadcast. This will allow shoppers to watch their tablets or ipads while shopping and the best thing where the trolley gets really exciting is with the eco-friendly battery-charging system that can, in theory, recharge your iPad. There is also a tilting display option that allows you to watch the tablet from any angle. Sainsbury has teamed up with Sky, who developed the iPad trolleys in a bid to showcase its Sky Go service which lets I pad users watch live news and sport broadcasts on their device. It is very important that shoppers like this concept so that this concept can be expanded further in other stores.
You can now watch the latest episode of your favourite TV show while you shop, or you can listen and view videos of your favourite tracks while shopping. The high-tech trolleys, which are currently on trial in a Sainsbury’s store in Kensington, West London, come kitted out with a tilted iPad holder, speakers and a sensor on the front which beeps to warn distracted shoppers that they’re millimetres away from crashing into the carefully constructed ‘specials’ display. There’s even an onboard solar powered battery charger to keep the tablets fully charged. This is really going to be an amazing thing for the shoppers.