Samsung And Microsoft Tie Up Against Apple Ipad

In a surprise move between the smart phones titans, Samsung and Microsoft have tied up. Samsung will bring out a smart phone that will work on Microsoft operating system. This is being seen as a move that will enable Microsoft to take on Apple iPad. A conference that is to be held in California in the next week will be used as the platform for this announcement. Samsung will incorporate Windows 8 in the new device. The news was reported by Korea Economic Daily. The two companies have not had a collaboration ever before for tablets although Samsung produces smart phones based on Windows Phone 7. This will be the first time that Samsung and Microsoft will come together. However, there has been no comment from either Microsoft or Samsung regarding the collaboration. Windows 8 will have a version that can be adapted for tablets. The operating system will also come with additional special features such as energy-efficient ARM processors. The software is expected to be comprehensive for phones, tablets and laptops.

The operating system by Microsoft is exactly the opposite of Apple iOS versions, which are not comprehensive for all its smart devices. Different operating systems are used to power different types of gadgets. While Microsoft has brought out versions of phone operating systems before, it has not met with the success of either Apple or Android operating systems. Users have been looking forward to an operating system from Microsoft that can be a competitor for both Apple and Android and provide a third major option. With this collaboration with Samsung, which is the leading seller of smart phones in the world and comes next only to Apple, Microsoft is expected to make a foray into promoting and utilizing its operating system in a bigger way.

The Samsung smart phones that work on Windows Phone 7 have not met with the success that the Galaxy Android series tablet have received. This will mark the entry of Samsung Windows 8 tablets. Several people are of the opinion that the tie up between the two companies could be a result of another similar deal between two other giants – Motorola and Google. Anticipation about the future of Android and whether Google will limit Android to Motorola devices could have prompted the tie up between Samsung and Microsoft. The other reason for the tie could be the lawsuits being filed in many countries by apple against Samsung on its Android based Galaxy series. Samsung could be looking for an alternative to fall back on because Galaxy has been banned in Germany and lawsuits are in progress in Australia, United States and Japan.