Samsung Unveils Two Series 7 Aluminum Laptops

One thing for which Samsung laptop series are usually well known too much is its aluminum coating series – which usually found in QX411- W01 and Series 9 laptops and in spite of that which are breathtakingly beautiful as well as tough-as-nails also.

Earlier this week this laptop manufacturing company unveils two more beautiful aluminum laptops under its series 7 lineup with different screen size i.e. 13-inch and 15-inch.  But the more interesting thing is its aluminum coating which basically we can find in MacBook Pros.

In general, this series are sleek and durable too much, but one problem, which many user may face about that is it weight, it usually too much heavier than others, as it is associated with soiled built aluminum frame.

The 13 inch version is associated with 1 inch wide frame border ( which means we can find little amount of bezel around the screen) and a beautiful screen resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels.  Here is not over, apart from that this laptop is associated with couple of interesting features such as HDMI port, AMD Radeon 6450M graphics card, two USB version 3.0 ports, DVD burner, LED backlights, Core i5 chip processor, 8GB RAM and many more.

Quite similarly its 15 inch version is also associated with 0.6 inch wide screen border and 1600 x 900 inch screen resolution and many other built in features such as LED backlights, AMD Radeon 6490M video card, Intel Core i7 processor, Chiclet keys, 8GB RAM, USB version 3.0 ports, right side DVD drive, Wi-FI, Bluetooth and many more.

So, from the basic point of view it can only be said that Samsung unveils this laptop so quickly in order to compete with the MacBook Pros. and other Apple series, which at this time are dominating the whole world market.