Smartphone is addicting

Several studies have proven that using Smartphone becomes addictive.  The most recent study was with the company Ofcom.

According to Ofcom, Smartphone is addictive in such ways that we are using it although; the situation does not call for it.  An excellent example is when people use the handset in the bathroom talking with their love ones.

It connects us with people we have not seen in a long time.  Thanks to the Smartphone apps such as Twitter, Facebook, email, sms messaging and calls we can now hear the voice of one’s love ones.

It is true that such massive usage of electronics device would make us shy in front of the person we are always talking.  We already got used to doing it on social networks, or over the mobile phone.  Situations such as breaking with their boyfriend / girlfriend would be harder, once done in front of the other, and they can see the tears rolling down the cheeks.

In the workplace, around 81 percent of the Smartphone users has their phone on all the time so that they would not miss out on valuable calls?  It may be coming from their clients or from love ones, who needs their help or just missing them.

Some people are even using their Smartphone to wake them, leaving it all night.  Despite the fact, that no one will be there to answer the phone.  More than 51 percent adults and 65 percent teenagers admitted using the smartphone for socializing.

What people are missing is the fact that they are transmitting germs from the bathroom to the food that they eat.  They may have washed their hands, but forgot to wash the phone in the bathroom.  These are the little things that we tend to forgot, but can affect the lives of people using the Smartphone.

We are aware that we are spending more money on their Smartphone every day as we tend to use them most of the time.  A recent survey in UK claims that Smartphone was able to dominate the country in just four years.

These are some of the things that we should know about.  However, there is also a good side on the Smartphone usage since it brings a new concept to the people. It lets people’s lives  more comfortable, as they do not need to meet with their clients or love ones just to talk to them anymore.  Despite the fact that other people calls it addictive, it brings us innovation in one’s daily lives.  We are just in the middle of exploring the use of Smartphone in one’s lives.