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Ultrbooks Expected To Support Acer’s Falling Shares

The Ultrabooks from Acer are expected to earn a pretty good profit for the company, the CEO of Acer J.T. Wang has mentioned. While talking to Dow Jones Newswire the CEO has mentioned that users are going to really love the ultrabooks due to their thinner design, lighter weight and longer battery life than before and selling more and more ultrabooks will fetch good profit for Acer because ultrabooks come in comparatively higher prices. Wang believes that Acer will fix the price of ultrbooks around $ 699.

Acer Aspire S3 Is Not What Ultrabooks Are Expected Of

Ultrabook is probably the biggest revolution that will be happening in the notebook market and Acer is not lagging behind. They are bringing out an Aspire S3 Ultrabook which has ton of features and is a good buy for medium value purchasers. The ultrabook makers are trying to compete against the MacBook Air and Acer is also not an exception. The stylish aluminum finish lid is elegant to watch. The exterior however could have been enhanced but due to lower price Acer had to sacrifice a bit. However, in the interior there is silver colored plastic which is quite good-looking. It is 0.6 inches at its width at the most and is a shade thicker than MacBook Air, but the weight is the real plus. It is only 3 pounds at most. So it is really easy to carry from one place to another.

Ultrabook A New Competitor For Macbook

In a world where the demand for mobile computing is growing day by day the need for a technology that would provide the user with the features of both a personal computer and a tablet is very much essential. Being able to enjoy the experiences of social networking on your tablet may not make you fully content. One may feel the need to be able to make large personal documents on the same thing and also fulfil some of their important business needs. Hence the concept of an ultrabook arrived. This special form of a laptop has been built by the likes of Asus (UX21), Acer (Aspire S3), Lenovo (IdeaPad U300) and Toshiba (Portege Z830) and will soon reach the markets. Asus has claimed that its 0.66inches thin and 1.1kg heavy UX21 will initiate from the sleep mode in just two seconds.