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iPhone 4S Set Off Its Journey To China

Today the family of Apple has confirmed that their block buster cell phone finally sat on the ship and just waiting to arrive in China market on 13 the January. Apple has also said that it will launch 21 other country also at the same time.

The announcement has come at such a moment, while Apple is trying to hang on its leadership position in this world of Smartphone, because Android phones already overtaken the entire smartphone market since the last year, those at the last year in last quarter iPhone selling was at the top.

Kindle Fire Hampers iPad Sales

According to the industry report it has found that Amazon’s big glory Kindle Fire tablets are eating few iPad sales. In this matter Tavis McCourt has claimed that the total number of selling Apple iPads have been lower down from 16 to 13 million due to the selling of high amount of Amazon Kindle tablets.

Apple’s iPhone 4S – Going To Be Much Expensive For Indian Market

Indians are finally going to be lucky enough to get access to the latest version of Apple’s iPhone 4S. Apple has finally called for pre bookings for iPhone 4S in India although the device will charge much price than that in the other countries. The shipping will start from 24 November midnight and the handsets will be available in Indian market from 25 November. Apple has announced the price of the 32 GB iPhone 4S Rs. 50900 while the 16 GB version will come in Rs. 44,500 in Indian market. Aircel and Airtel – both of the service providers, who had brought iPhone 4 in India will also bring the iPhone 4S.

Another Lawsuit Between Samsung and Apple

Sometimes ago the giant South-Korean technology company Samsung claimed that the Apple iPhone and the iPad 2 devices, which were sold in Australia violated the patent rules regarding the 3G wireless communications.

Samsung has own a trial over the case. The two tech giants, Samsung and Apple, are fighting feverishly in different countries over patent violation. For a long period of time both the companies are accusing each other of coping each other’s patents. Now that has become a battle.

Hackers Made Siri To Work With Any Device What So Ever

Hackers have claimed that they have made the voice assistance system of Apple, the Siri to work with any device, even with Android by reverse engineering. Siri was first introduced to market with the iPhone 4S in the last month.

Applidium after discovering the hack has written in their latest blog post that they have break through the protocol of Siri and that is why it is now available to use in any device. It can be used in an iPad even in Android devices. The hackers group has also assured that they will thoroughly explain how they made it possible.