RIM faces tough situation

BlackBerry users from Europe, South America, the Middle East and Africa have experience technical malfunction with their smartphones for a second day following an interruption of Internet and messaging services.

The new round of troubles on Tuesday concerned the BlackBerry’s trendy messaging service which was not fully working, with multiple users, who reports issues in sending and receiving messages.


Blackberry Internet Services Went Down

It’s been a very bad time for the Canadian mobile manufacturing company Research In Motion. It is for the second time in 24 hours that RIM’s BlackBerry Internet Services failed. The BlackBerry Internet Services include Blackberry Messenger, shortly called BBM. RIM is going to face pretty strong waves of criticism for the inconveniences that the Read more


BlackBerry’s Tag – The NFC Based App

Another good news for BlackBerry users – another new presentation from BlackBerry. At the GITEX Conference today in Dubai BlackBerry has announced its new application. The application is called the BlackBerry Tag. Jim Balsillie, who is the co CEO of RIM has made the announcement. The new application, which is NFC based will let the Read more