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RIM Unveils BBM Music For Sharing Song On Social Purpose

Last day RIM has announced for a new kind of social song sharing service, which they named as BBM music- in short which will allow its user to build up and share a community based music library with the help of their BlackBerry Messenger contacts.

Pixable now offers Photos on Twitter

Pixable already done a great job by aggregating the pictures  and videos one’s friends on Facebook. Nowadays, it is trying to step into an added real-time domain by integrating Twitter into its code. It utilize Twitter’s own photo service, also the third-party ones like TwitPic, yFrog, Instagram, and YouTube then draws them into a single feed that we could browse.

The press release asserts that it is the primary way to  look at the photos and videos shared through tweets” and its CEO and Co founder Inaki Berenguer noted that there is no way to do such thing on Twitter.   He added that there is a way, but the process is too complex that people would just tend to shy away from using it.  It takes too much time for such a simple task.

By unraveling  the photos into an organized feed of its own, Pixable had turned Twitter stream into a wholly image-based experience.  The company now imagines that the application would only appeals to serious users of Twitter.  Since this is the time wherein Twitter’s  used to break, and spread news, such as the shocking East Coast earthquake that occurs this week.  This could mean a valuable tool to  gain access to imagery and video from the location wherein the event is taking place.

Cofounder and COO Andres Blank clarified that this is what Pixable is trying to do all along.  They plan on even being more relevant, managing to pull in photos from a selection of places such as Google+, and Facebook.  The company wants to be the destination to enjoy and find out about social photos. Also by being the central hub for that is going to enable them provide the most complete and personalized real-time look at the world.  Blank not worried that Twitter is going to pull the plug on their little project.  They believe that Twitter is not going to focus on pictures and videos.  They immediately saw the advantage of being able to make the user experience wholly tailored to visual media.

The advantage of incorporating Twitter for Pixable is that it  does highlights the real-time news stream outdo what Facebook does. Twitter’s open “broadcast” nature only means that you can easily gain access to imagery from the people, who you never consider being your friend. The significance of the Pixable experience is also, photo can indeed communicate quicker than words.

Apple’s iOS 5 software for the iPhone and iPad is also unpaid, coming with deeply woven Twitter relation, meant that they are going to see an explosion of distributing photos and videos via Twitter.

McAfee Report Claim Google Android as the Platform Most Attacked By Malware

Latest reports by McAfee, the security maker for computer systems, say that Android is the platform that is most attacked by malware when compared to any other platform. According to the report, in the second quarter, there was a 76% increase in the attacks by malware on android devices. This is the highest attacked mobile platform. The other major operating system, iOS developed by Apple Inc is much safer. Security concerns regarding Android devices have been doing round since the very beginning. The attacks on android are easier because the app store of the operating system does not apply stringent screening measures before allowing apps in the store. This is also the reason why companies and corporate offices prefer using Apple devices.

Google Releases Preview of Google TV Plug-In For Its Android Operating System

Google TV turned out to be a huge disappointment for users since it lacked certain crucial elements such as interesting content and a healthy user interface. Important programs from major television channels were not forecasted which resulted in a serous dip in patronage. The concept never took off to its full extent. Google now plans a revamp of its TV service and provided a preview of the new service on Monday. Android platform will now have a new Google TV plug-in, which will probably be better than its predecessor. The inclusion of Google TV apps signifies that you can enjoy Android app facilities on televisions as well.

HP Touchpad Meets With An Untimely End

HP TouchPad, which hit the shelves just seven weeks ago, is being put out of production due to low sales. The tablet worked on WebOS developed by Hewlett-Packard Co. The end of this gadget is seen to an assertion of the fact that the tablets of Apple are still the most saleable products in the electronic market. Weak sales were also the reason for Dell Steak 5 to go out of business a little while back. Mark Gerber, who is an analyst with Detwiler Fenton, a research and investment firm based in Boston, said that tablets which are not from the house of Apple have failed to generate retail sales. He said that the failure of HP TouchPad is a clear indication of Apple’s supremacy in the tablet market.