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Google ready for new design

Google (GOOG) portrayed as practical, commanding, scary, speedy and fun.  However, some people are now thinking that it can also be beautiful.

New CEO Larry Page tries to in challenging all that, copying a note from one of his business role models and competitors, the  departed Steve Jobs and Apple (AAPL). Almost instantly  following the time that he got appointed as CEO in April, Page ordered to redesign Google’s online properties, which attempts in creating  a unified look and feel, which would proclaim “Google,” just as the artistic character of Apple products rendering it instantly identifiable.  This would be the first tie math Google is going to get a redesign after the company’s 13-year history.

Google’s new, less-cluttered look first appeared with the Google+ social network at the end of June, and is now about to be incorporate to Gmail, Calendar, Documents, Search and other Google sites across the company’s online territory. Though Google’s plans for a wholesale face-lift got outshined by the hubbub over the presentation of Google+, Page months before had set in motion a crash program by the company’s user interface (UI) designers in remaking the face of Google.

With its geeky, data-driven identity, Google has rarely been lauded for it is artistic. However, since consumers are gathering in front of Apple store to buy Apple’s iPhones and iPads, and with Facebook induction of new products emphasizing look and feeling as well as functionality, Google and other Internet companies  increasingly concentrated on appearance.

Silicon Valley recruiters are turning to design students in programs that come from New York’s School of Visual Arts.  Most of the top companies such as Apple, Yelp, Twitter, Facebook and Google try to get the best student by presenting them a marvellous job in the industry.

Facebook made some noise in design circles in April when it purchased Daytum.  It is just for introducing the company for collecting personal statistics and sharing them via striking digital graphics, which brings its principals Nicholas Felton and Ryan Case to Silicon Valley from New York in working on its upcoming Timeline feature. Facebook advertized the acquisition at its yearly developer conference this year.

Google’s face-lift got praised by design experts, throughout the consensus remains, which the company has not matched Apple. Written on his blog, Vinh mentioned the update as, “less beholden to the brutally analytical decision-making that has guided Google product design and aesthetics in the past.”

Last week Page tried in drumming up some attention, he tries to bring up the changes throughout Google’s quarterly earnings call with Wall Street analysts, while talking about how Google+  expected to be a model for the entire Google franchise.

Android 4.0’s Face Unlock Can Be Tricked By User’s Photo

Every single person, who is interested in the latest changes and updates in the tech world is aware of the new Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” and its features. Among many of its outstanding features one is the Face Unlock feature, which may also be described as its signature feature. With this feature the users will be able to unlock their mobile handsets through Facial Recognition. In that case they will not have to use their PIN code numbers or security codes. Without using these codes the users will be able to unlock their phones by just holding it in front of their face. Once the phones’ Face Unlock Systems recognize their faces it will be unlocked easily. The users only have to pre register their faces in their Android 4.0 Supported mobile handsets.

WireDoo A New Name In Search Engine World

A new name is going to emerge in the world of search engines like Google and Bing. Famous rapper of ‘80s – ‘90s MC Hammer has disclosed his desire to introduce a new search engine named WireDoo. He disclosed his plans at O’Reilly Media’s Web 2.0 summit San Francisco at the beginning of the week. He has also said that his new search engine WireDoo would give tough competition to even giant search engines like Google and Bing.

Google Apps Tackles New Security Necessities in L.A.

Google’s complete execution of its Google Apps cloud partnership software for Los Angeles got postponed due to added security necessities from the city’s police department.

When Google got the Los Angeles contract in providing its Gmail and other applications for Los Angeles’ 30,000 municipal employees in December 2009, it marked a watershed win. However, it only worth  $7.25 million, it was a high-profile deal for a company working hard in expanding its user base, not only in businesses but also in government, ripening for upgrades to on-premise collaboration systems from Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and IBM (NYSE:IBM) to the cloud.

At the time, L.A. CTO Randi Levin bragged that moving to Google would loosen about 100 servers, which got used for the city’s existing Novell GroupWise implementation and lower electricity bills by around $750,000 in more than five years. Google tapped CSC’s help in migrating L.A.’s employees from GroupWise to Google Apps.

However, Google and CSC can not manage to satisfy security requirements for the Los Angeles Police Department pursuant to U.S. Justice Department Criminal Justice Information Systems policy prerequisites, as claimed by Levin in an August letter to CSC manager Michael Schneider.

That stands for 13,000 of the 17,000 city employees have not yet been transported to Google Apps. Levin suggested amendments to the contract, which would include having Google pay the residual cost of the GroupWise completion until Nov. 20, 2012. Los Angeles City Council member Dennis Zine Oct. 19 filed a motion asking for a status report on Google’s contract with the city.

Consumer Watchdog, an advocacy group that got its fund from Microsoft, whose Office products Google Apps aims to replace, pushed Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in disclosing the extent to which Google has failed in complying with its contractual commitments with the city.

A Google spokesperson downplayed the postponement and noted that the city has presented requirements for more work in implementing in a cloud-computing environment. Google plans in meeting those needs at no extra cost.

However, Nucleaus Research analyst Rebecca Wettemann noticed that whether L.A.’s assertions are lawful or not, this is not going to help Google’s trustworthiness with the enterprise.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison brought up the issue of cloud security at OpenWorld and brought it top of mind again for many people,” Wettemann told eWEEK. “Expect other cloud vendors to face the same scrutiny moving forward.

In the meantime, Google benefited from other government Apps contracts, which includes one with the General Services Administration for 17,000 workers that it earned in December 2010.  Google also scored a coup against Microsoft when it prohibited the U.S. Department of Interior from picking Microsoft not looking at other vendors’ software.

Google co-founder contented with secret role

On Wednesday, Google co-founder Sergey Brin took a break from his work on the Internet search leader’s undisclosed projects so that he could make a surprise to make a surprise arrival at a technology conference.

Even if, he had shared few details about their secret project, Brin claims he is always busy since he started over a decade ago as the company’s president of technology.  This year, his projects are stealth as part of a shake-up that led to his longtime partner, Larry Page, as Google’s CEO. Brin has kept a low profile ever since the changes.

In the Web 2.0 Summit, in San Francisco, he says he is pretty happy with things has gone.

Brin spends one day a week in meetings with other executives at Google’s Mountain View headquarters. He devotes the rest of his to a series of “infrastructure and research and development” projects. All of his actions  kept secret, and the only one that has become public is about the driverless car, which got revealed over a year ago.

After he left the stage, he got approached by a group of reporters; he told them that his current project might be mixed with an existing Google product.

Brin highly praised Page’s performance as CEO, both live and in his meeting with reporters. He is one of the few Google employees who worked at the company in the course of Page’s first go-round as CEO. Page got the toughest in Google’s early days prior to Eric Schmidt takes over the position of CEO back in 2001.

Brin also applauded Google Plus, which the company introduced almost four months ago as an option to Facebook’s well-liked social network.  Since then, Google Plus had got into a fast start.  The social networking site now has 40 million members.  However, it is still far from the 800 million members of Facebook.

That gap could get smaller if Plus lives up to the beliefs  of Brin and Page, both 38, and worth almost $17 billion apiece, according to Forbes magazine’s newest rankings. They believe more people is going to  be pulled to Plus as they realize the service makes it easier than Facebook in sorting friends into different circles and see the added features Google plans to add throughout the next few months.

As more pieces introduced to the puzzle, Brin believes Plus could become a way in uniting Google’s expanding array of products.

Plus has not been  adopted within Google. Just last week, Google engineer Steve Yegge, committed a mistake when made a scathing critique of Plus that can be seen by everyone.  He deleted it afterwards, but it was too late as it got copied and pasted on the other members’ status.