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Motorola And Sprint Comes Up With Their Best

Nokia’s Photon 4G will surely steal the show with its stunning looks and impressive specifications. The appearance of the phone is simply superb. It is beautifully designed with delicately cut corners. A sheet of Gorilla glass covers the display of the phone. The bottom part of the phone below the display possesses four buttons which helps you select the options of menu, home, back and search.

X7: – Providing A New Look To Nokia Handsets

Nokia is on a role as it is bringing out one smartphone after another which not only are proving to be handful for users but also coming at a better deal than some of its similar competitors. Indeed the new Nokia X7 is splendid creation of art and Nokia has given a lot of effort into it to make it a real gem for the upcoming young generation. It has got a real stylish looks. The brushed stainless steel finish is really unique and once you get hold of it, you will wonder how a small piece of handset can be made to look absolutely fabulous. Typical of Nokia they want to provide their users the best of their quality and they never compromise on designs and they have again proved it. The touchscreen looks gorgeous. It feels so smooth. Every touch makes every app response to it and without having to do much you can browse all about your phone in a wonderful way.

Nokia Flies High With Its Newly Launched E7

Nokia, the leading manufacturer of mobile handsets has recently launched the Nokia E7 which promises to further increase its reputation of producing some of the best handsets ever. It looks like a Nokia N8 while the slider reminds us of the Nokia N97.The phone consists of a QWERTY keypad which possesses nicely designed soft keys that are easy for the fingers to play with. An AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 360×640 pixels combined with its smart finishing gives the phone an expensive and gorgeous look. On the top of the phone there is the 3.5mm jack on the left and microUSB v2.0 port on the right. Despite its relatively low resolution the screen displays striking colors consisting of dark grey, orange, blue, green and silver white.It has an 8MP camera with dual LED flash and a resolution of 3266×2450 pixels, placed on the back.

Blackberry Bold 9790 Images Leaked

BGR has released some images that are claimed to be of BlackBerry 9790. The images that have been released contain two phones, one of them is 9990 and the other is the new 9790. The presence of both the phones together gives a scope for users to compare the two and grasp the differences. The contrasts in size are clearly visible in the pictures.

Samsung Comes Out With New Phones with Simpler Names

Samsung, a company that has recorded the highest growth this year, has come out with two new phones called Samsung Galaxy Y and Samsung Galaxy Y PRO. They are yet to be released. These phones are the latest editions in the latest Galaxy range that has garnered a lot of sales in the past quarters. Tablet of the Galaxy series is also available. The new simplified system of nomenclature will be a huge relief for a lot of people who find it exceedingly hard to keep track of the technical names of new gadgets. Considering that new gadgets re released every few weeks, this system of nomenclature is sure to be appreciated.