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Apple Planning To Introduce iTV In 2012

Apple has instructed manufacturers to start their work of developing television sets that are expected to enter the market in the first quarter of the coming year. And get ready and new monitor stands for this latest TV set in your living room too. According to DigiTimes the launching in the first quarter will no doubt manage plenty of time for the company to arrange its second and third quarter launching.

Apple Finally Confirms iOS 5 Poor Battery Issue

Since the launching of new generation iPhone or iPhone 4S, customers have been reporting about its poor battery life. Moreover the last week Apple has to face a lots of media issue due to this fault. Though, the authority has already requested to their users to step forward about their experiences with Apple’s latest handset iPhone 4S and mobile operating system iOS 5.

Though Cupertino has not told anything before getting it fully confirmed. But now they have come out while they saw the statement at AllThingsD.

ITunes Match Beta Opens Rather Quietly

ITunes Match service, which is to be launched shortly, has come out with its Beta version. Apple has rather quietly released the Beta version in order to accommodate additional developers of apps. This new version is scheduled to be launched this fall. This is, however, not the first release of the service. Previously, the service was opened for a short while in August. It was only open for a few days before closing.

iOS Will Support Google Music Via Web Application

Search engine giant Google has recently developed a new software that is quiet being able to allow iPad, iPod as well as iPhone touch users for accessing their Music Beta service. The entire application will come out by holding the hand of Safari browser at music.google.com in spite of the Application Store. So, in spite of the need for an App store, Apple usually needs for by passing  their official approved application.

Apple iCloud Launched

ICloud now available on all Apple devices

Apple today launched its new iCloud feature that will be compatible with all its I-gadgets such as iphone, Ipad, iPod and others. The feature will also be available with the desktops produced by Apple like the Mac series and PCs. The new feature includes several functional that will make storage and sharing easier. The facility will cost $24.99 per year.