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Android Based Smartphones Have Topped In Sale In Q3, 2011

The market research firm Gartner after their recent survey has disclosed that Google’s Android based smartphone sale is growing on rapidly. Nearly 115 million smartphones have been sold worldwide in the third quarter of 2011. Out of them 60 million which is 52.2 percent of the total smartphone sale is Android Based Smartphones.

The famous research firm has indicated to the growing popularity of Android among smartphone lovers. The ratio of the preference and sale of iOS and Android is now 3:1. The ratio is still growing on in e favor of Android. One of the reasons behind the decreasing popularity of iOS among people is the unexpected trouble given by iOS 5.

Hidden Features Of iOS 5 Discovered

Apple introduced their latest iOS 5 a few months ago. Some genius developers most recently have disclosed some hidden unique features of iOS 5. Those features include an autocorrect bar for the onscreen keyboard which reminds about an almost similar feature of Android and a special feature for the iOS camera app, called the panorama picture mode. It has been mentioned that both the features will be available on iPad or iPhone but after following certain primary steps.

iOS 5.0.1 Arrives In Market

Apple has finally launched their revised version of iOS 5, the iOS 5.0.1. A few days ago Apple users registered complaints of battery drainage against iOS 5. That is why Apple introduced iOS 5.0.1 this morning to fix the outage. The Operating System is available on iTunes. People who are already using devices that support iOS 5 can install the iOS 5.0.1 over the air.

Although the reason of the problems, occurred in iOS 5 in last days has not yet been announced at the company’s side it is being assumed that the new updated version will solve the issues. Customers of Apple devices suffered from many problems including the battery issue in last days. The iOS 5.0.1 is believed to solve the problems and in addition it will solve the problems regarding the saved documents in the iCloud. The company has also claimed that the iOS 5.0.1 will also deliver an improvisation of voice recognition facility for the users in Australia. The Australian users of Apple had registered many complaints about the voice recognition app offered by Apple.

Apple Finally Confirms iOS 5 Poor Battery Issue

Since the launching of new generation iPhone or iPhone 4S, customers have been reporting about its poor battery life. Moreover the last week Apple has to face a lots of media issue due to this fault. Though, the authority has already requested to their users to step forward about their experiences with Apple’s latest handset iPhone 4S and mobile operating system iOS 5.

Though Cupertino has not told anything before getting it fully confirmed. But now they have come out while they saw the statement at AllThingsD.

iPhone 4S Broken All Previous Mobile Sale Records

Every man who is interested in latest ups and downs in the tech world knows about the latest released iPhone from one of the biggest mobile manufacturing company Apple. The iPhone about which we are talking is the iPhone 4S. There have been many discussions in the tech market about the mentioned device.