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iPhone 4S Set Off Its Journey To China

Today the family of Apple has confirmed that their block buster cell phone finally sat on the ship and just waiting to arrive in China market on 13 the January. Apple has also said that it will launch 21 other country also at the same time.

The announcement has come at such a moment, while Apple is trying to hang on its leadership position in this world of Smartphone, because Android phones already overtaken the entire smartphone market since the last year, those at the last year in last quarter iPhone selling was at the top.

Activation Rate Of Android Devices Increasing Rapidly

Android” is a popular name in the tech world. With time Android devices are gathering more and more popularity among people. Andy Rubin, who is the Google’s vice president of mobile, in a recent speech, has disclosed that according to their latest record everyday more than 700,000 Android devices are getting activated. The record points out to a lift of 40 per cent from the former record (till June 2011) which showed that 500,000 android devices got activated per day. In the month of July the record showed that 550,000 android devices got activated everyday and this means that the latest record has received a lift of 27 per cent.

Intel On The Way To Launch Smartphones And Tablets Powered By 32nm Medfield Processor

Intel most recently has launched the prototype of their upcoming smartphone and tablet. The smartphones and tablets will run on Intel’s forthcoming 32nm Medfield processor. The mentioned processors of Intel for the first time are designed to give the Arm chips a pretty hard challenge in mobile phone sector.

Android Based Smartphones Have Topped In Sale In Q3, 2011

The market research firm Gartner after their recent survey has disclosed that Google’s Android based smartphone sale is growing on rapidly. Nearly 115 million smartphones have been sold worldwide in the third quarter of 2011. Out of them 60 million which is 52.2 percent of the total smartphone sale is Android Based Smartphones.

The famous research firm has indicated to the growing popularity of Android among smartphone lovers. The ratio of the preference and sale of iOS and Android is now 3:1. The ratio is still growing on in e favor of Android. One of the reasons behind the decreasing popularity of iOS among people is the unexpected trouble given by iOS 5.

iPhone’s Battery Issue Not Solved Yet

Apple lunched their latest iPhone 4S a few months ago. Although people were very much excited about the iPhone 4S the handset did not seem to meet their expectations. The iPhone 4S along with many other minor problems showed the problem of excessive battery drainage.

To solve the battery life issue and meet people’s expectations Apple introduced an updated version of iOS 5, the iOS 5.0.1. But the update also has failed to solve the issue although it was designed to serve that particular purpose.