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HTC Will Buy Own Mobile Operating System

Cell phone and tablet manufacturer company HTC has now decided to buy their own mobile Operating System in order to place themselves in a unique position in the market.

In this matter Economic Observer of China report has stated “With the sequence to the fact Cher Wang has said that their company is now taking their time to craft out unique platform that will quite be able to bead existing Operating System platform like Windows phone, iOS and Android – in a sense we exactly want to offer something new in the market.”

Android Overlaps iPhone Application Downloads

A recent survey has stated that in this year 2011 Google operating system Android’s application has overtaken the Apple iOS device application for the first time.

The entire thing has come into the entire lime light while an analyst house has predicted that Android application downloads overtakes the iOS application downloads for the first time in the year 2011.  With the sequence to the fact the that analyst house has also calculated the approximate amount – as they have said Android device will hit 8.1 billion by the end of 2011, while Apple iOS application will be under 6 billion till the end of this year.

iOS Will Support Google Music Via Web Application

Search engine giant Google has recently developed a new software that is quiet being able to allow iPad, iPod as well as iPhone touch users for accessing their Music Beta service. The entire application will come out by holding the hand of Safari browser at music.google.com in spite of the Application Store. So, in spite of the need for an App store, Apple usually needs for by passing  their official approved application.

Ipad And Iphones To Have Adobe Apps With New Tools For Streaming Video Solutions

The most popular Apple gadgets, iPads and iPhones, will be equipped with new tools that will help in streaming video solutions from Adobe. Abode announced the release of the new tools for Apple devices in the Dutch Capital at the International Broadcasters Convention. A display video was broadcasted by Adobe. The tool is aimed at supporting the streaming of live videos and can be performed for both single and multiple videos. The tool will be supported by iOS.

Another iPhone Prototype Lost At Cava 22

iPhone giant Apple is now once again in the lime light, though this time not for launching any tab or iPhone, but this time lost of their iPhone prototype. The entire thing eventually happened while an employee of Apple has lost his iPhone prototype for the second time at the late of earlier month from Cava 22 – a bar situated in San Francisco’s Mission district – according to the CNET report.