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iPhone 4S Set Off Its Journey To China

Today the family of Apple has confirmed that their block buster cell phone finally sat on the ship and just waiting to arrive in China market on 13 the January. Apple has also said that it will launch 21 other country also at the same time.

The announcement has come at such a moment, while Apple is trying to hang on its leadership position in this world of Smartphone, because Android phones already overtaken the entire smartphone market since the last year, those at the last year in last quarter iPhone selling was at the top.

Kindle Fire Hampers iPad Sales

According to the industry report it has found that Amazon’s big glory Kindle Fire tablets are eating few iPad sales. In this matter Tavis McCourt has claimed that the total number of selling Apple iPads have been lower down from 16 to 13 million due to the selling of high amount of Amazon Kindle tablets.

New Update In Samsung-Apple Patent War

The two tech giants Samsung and Apple were fighting for a long time over patent issues. Their last session of fight took place in a San Jose Ca. court in the last week. In the last April Apple registered complaint against Samsung that Samsung had copied the general design of iphone and ipad in its Galaxy smartphones and tabs respectively. Apple further extended their claim over the appearance of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Nexus S and Droid Charge. The tribunal was to begin from 30th July in 2012 but Apple emphasized on a temporary ban over selling mentioned Samsung devices in United States. However, Lucy Koh who is a United States District Judge rejected the appeal of Apple. She mentioned it to be an unusual solution.

Amazon Next Plan To Bring A Smartphone

Mark Mahaney who is a market analyst of Citigroup has revealed that Amazon is planning on launching its smartphone soon. The smartphones from Amazon will hit the market during the Holiday season Next year, according to him. It has been known that the company is sailing their Kindle Fire Tabs at a loss. But it is expected that the company will make profit in the hardware section of the coming smartphones.

Hidden Features Of iOS 5 Discovered

Apple introduced their latest iOS 5 a few months ago. Some genius developers most recently have disclosed some hidden unique features of iOS 5. Those features include an autocorrect bar for the onscreen keyboard which reminds about an almost similar feature of Android and a special feature for the iOS camera app, called the panorama picture mode. It has been mentioned that both the features will be available on iPad or iPhone but after following certain primary steps.