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Apple Security Updates Addressing DigiNotar Certificates

iPhone giant Apple is now once again in the enter lime light this time by taking issue of an update for 10.6 Snow Leopard systems and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion systems, which at this time is addressing the recent security branch related to the DigiNotar’s fake SSL certificates.

The above certificate patch has removed DigiNotar from the list of thousands root certificates, as a result this list of Extended Validation certificate automatically configures a default trust setting, which are not trusted by the other authorities.

iOS Will Support Google Music Via Web Application

Search engine giant Google has recently developed a new software that is quiet being able to allow iPad, iPod as well as iPhone touch users for accessing their Music Beta service. The entire application will come out by holding the hand of Safari browser at music.google.com in spite of the Application Store. So, in spite of the need for an App store, Apple usually needs for by passing  their official approved application.

Ipad And Iphones To Have Adobe Apps With New Tools For Streaming Video Solutions

The most popular Apple gadgets, iPads and iPhones, will be equipped with new tools that will help in streaming video solutions from Adobe. Abode announced the release of the new tools for Apple devices in the Dutch Capital at the International Broadcasters Convention. A display video was broadcasted by Adobe. The tool is aimed at supporting the streaming of live videos and can be performed for both single and multiple videos. The tool will be supported by iOS.

New Rumor: Samsung Interested To Buy webOS Platform

A new rumor has started to climb up already which has stated that android giant Samsung has now interested in buying webOS from Hewlett- Packard in order to compete with iPhone giant Apple’s in house software and hardware business model.

Apple Sues Two Sellers of Look-Alike Apple Products Citing Trademark Infringement

The battle between the world giant in electronics has seen going on in full force since the past several weeks. As per the latest news, Apple has filed yet another lawsuit, this time against Apple accessory sellers. This lawsuit comes as a part of the trademark infringement suits that have been going on for quite some time now. The two sellers who have had to bear the brunt of Apple are Fun Zone and Apple Story. They have their stores in Flushing, Queens, which are the neighborhood of New York City. The lawsuit was filed in the federal court of Brooklyn on Thursday. The defendants in the case have been accused of retailing electronic gadgets such as iPods, iPads and iPhones without proper authorization.