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Windows 8 Will Be Able To Manage Multiple Passwords

Microsoft has declared that the next Operating System that it is going to release shortly will feature an app that will be able to manage several passwords single handedly. According to a post on Microsoft’s Building Windows 8 blog the aforementioned Operating System will enable the users to maintain multiple passwords behind one single major password. The company has also mentioned that users will be able to synchronize their passwords in any other system that runs Windows 8.

Asus Going To Launch Laptop With Swivel Mode

DigiTimes has revealed that Asus is going to launch their latest ultrabook type laptop which will offer the same transportability facility like tablet. Asus has claimed to design the new laptop with swivel feature that will allow it to convert in to a tablet. The device is believed to make its first debut at the next Computex in Taipei in Taiwan in the coming year although Asus has not yet officially declared any name for the device.  The device is expected to be available in market for sale when Microsoft will release its latest Windows 8 Operating System in the next year.

Microsoft’s Office Suite Finally To Come With iPad

Microsoft has most recently announced that they are working on developing their latest version of Office Suite. The specialty of the new Office Suite is that Microsoft has designed it exceptionally for Apple’s iPad. It seems that Microsoft’s new offering is going to challenge Apple’s own creative apps. The Daily has mentioned that according to their collected informations about the offering of Microsoft creative and essential apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint will be available in just $ 10 each.

Microsoft Claims To Use Siri-like Feature For A Long Time

Craig Mundie, the Chief Research and Strategy Officer of Microsoft at the Techonomy conference held in Tuscon in Arizona has unexpectedly claimed that Apple’s Siri is not something new, but it is a feature that Microsoft has incorporated in Windows Phone 7 years ago. While Forbes arranged an interview with him he proposed that Microsoft could be considered of the same standard as Apple in technical capability. Apple could not be said to lead the race with their unique voice assistance system, Siri because with the introduction of the Windows phone 7 years ago, Microsoft introduced a similar feature, called “Tellme” in the market.

System Restart Requirements Will Be Reduced With Windows 8

Microsoft has reported that the number of System Restarts that are required will be reduced after automatic updating in Windows 8. It has also been reported at the company’s side that Reboot Notifications will also be less invasive. Farzana Rahman, who is the group program manager of Windows Updates, has expressed the latest strategies of Microsoft in a new post on the company’s blog named Building Windows 8.

In case of Windows 7 users have to experience a number of Pop Up Notifications that instruct them to restart their system to complete installation. In some cases in spite of selecting the “remind me after 4 hours” the pop up notification appears almost within minutes. More over the in the previous procedure it was not possible to leave the system while an installation is going on because it that case the system would automatically carry on the action without approval. That was really unbearable, because while in use files were unable to update and therefore restarting the system became necessary.


Windows 8 is expected to remove all the problems and make the procedure easier. It will reduce the number of update restarts by merging them into a single release that is reported to come on every second Tuesday of every month. These changes will prevent the security of the system without any extra headache by just decreasing the multiple system update restarts to single restart every month.

When it will be the time for monthly update restart Windows 8 will show the notification on login screen rather than sending pop up notifications. Users will also get the time of three days to do the restart. If the user fails to commence the restart for some reason the system will automatically do it. There is another facility offered by the Windows 8. If the system finds that as a result of shutting down the machine some data can be lost it will deliver a message to save all the works and give 15 minutes for it.