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Samsung Has Overtaken Nokia In Domestic Smartphone Market

Korean Tech Giant Samsung is close to become the ruler of the smartphone market. According to the market research firms Samsung has overhauled Nokia even in the domestic market.  It happened for the first time that Samsung left behind its Finnish rival in the number of smartphones sold and in the revenue acquired from it as well. Till now Nokia was the ruler; but now it seems that the Korean smartphone manufacturer has enough in its bag to compel Nokia to leave its former position.

Users of Lumia 800 Facing Problem With Poor Battery Life

Giant mobile manufacturing company Nokia revealed its Windows 7 based smartphone Lumia 800 just a few times ago. The tech world was very excited about the Windows phones from Nokia. But to their utter disappointment the Lumia 800 has already disclosed that it has problem with battery life. Many people have registered complaints regarding the battery issues of Lumia 800.

Samsung Galaxy S Is A Lot Improved One

Samsung has got a lot of smartphones in the market, but with great competition from the likes of Nokia and HTC it is losing its way for a little period of time. But they are bringing out some real catchy smartphones which should be giving their users fair amount of pleasure and that is what all the Samsung fans expect from them as well. The Samsung Galaxy phones have proved to be a great success for the company and therefore they are engaging their ideas in manufacturing more of the Galaxy phones which are almost alike but are different in few aspects. But it is true that all of them are possessing some great features as well. The new Samsung Galaxy S Plus provides a lot of features to its users. Be it is stylish designs that really make it elegant to look at or the powerful specifications Galaxy S has got it all.

Nokia Set To Launch Oro

Nokia is really making a move on in the smartphone industry with its latest oRo model which will give a lot of headache to other smartphone manufacturers, but obviously , as always the prices is really a bit too high. However the tremendous and glamorous looks and finishes makes this handset a real adorable one for new smartphone buyers. The features have all been upgraded from the earlier version of smartphones, and now it has got into a full swing in the market. It is a real difficult task to highlight on all the luxurious features contained in this handset but the big additions can always be reflected through reviews. The CPU is a powerful 680MHz Arm 11 processor with the Broadcom GPU which when added to the Symbian Anna OS which gives awesome performance at all levels of activity.  

Nokia prepares Linux OS for Low-end Smartphones

Nokia highlighted the importance of low cost Smartphone.   Currently the company tries to develop a Linux-based OS for smartphones that are going to cost less than US$100 with no subsidies.

The new OS,  known as “Meltemi”.  Nokia’s executive vice president in charge of mobile phones, Mary McDowell, leads the project.

It has been a long time since the company has been suggesting the plan for a reboot of its low-end smartphone portfolio. At its Connection event in Singapore Nokia said that Qt — a Linux-compatible cross-platform application and user interface framework – would be the best application for the new lower-end devices — and before that McDowell said that Nokia needs to find a substitute for Series 40.

Currently Series 40 uses the OS Nokia, a product segment that is believe to be going away as users demand smartphones. Nokia experimented with a Linux phone two years ago, which introduces the N900 running Linux.

On an email that got released by a Nokia spokesman, they claimed that they are not going to comment about future products. However, He could assure that their Mobile Phones team got a lot of exciting projects in the works aimed at connecting with the next billion consumers to the Internet.

Director of research at CCS Insight, Ben Wood says Nokia selecting Windows Phone over Android has a place the company in a tricky situation when it comes to low-end smartphones. There is no doubt that Android aims to push the price of smartphones in a level that is considerably lower than that of smartphones based on Windows Phone in the near-term, meaning that Nokia has a breach in its portfolio.

Wood said that Nokia either needs to improve Series 40 and make it a more vigorous competitor with a smart-like experience or look at unusual options, making [Meltemi] one of the best options.

Wood believes that Nokia does not have the money to bet its entire future on Windows Phone and if they intend to remain the volume leader it needs to intensify its efforts in the low-end smartphone segment.

He added that the low-end smartphone market is ever more important and is going to become the largest smartphone industry segment, as revealed by Francisco Jeronimo, research manager at IDC. Sales of less pricey smartphones are currently growing faster that high-end models in Western Europe and ease of use of low-end smartphones is going to be crucial in increasing sales in emerging markets.

Jeronimo added that he will not be shock if the company decided to release an inexpensive version of IPHone next week.