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Great Discount On BlackBerry PlayBooks in U.S.

As the last year did not come out as much successful for Research In Motion the company has put all its efforts to kick start 2012 with a new set of discounts on BlackBerry Playbook. In United State the company has announced a pretty good round of discount on the straggling tablet until the 4th day of February or until the stock come to an end. Until the mentioned time or situation arrives all of the models of the BlackBerry Playbook will be available in $299 in United State. The actual prices of the 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB models of the PlayBook are $499, $599 and $699 respectively. That means in that discount period one can get more that $400 off if he sticks to the larger model of PlayBook.

BlackBerry QNX Based Smartphones Will Be Late In Market

Blackberry was about to launch their QNX based smartphone in the first quarter of 2012. But recently the company has declared that the launching will be delayed until the end of 2012. Research In Motion co-CEO Mike Lazaridis in an Investor Call in the last night has cited that they are really very sorry for the delay launching. He has expressed apologies and requested people to keep patience and have faith in RIM.

BlackBerry Offers New Phones But Buyers Are Skeptic

Research in Motion, the maker of BlackBerry has announced a feast for BlackBerry followers with many new smart phones ready for release. The phones will work on different network providers. The release is slated for the next few weeks. The phones will work on various providers not just in the United States but all over the world. The BlackBerry Torch 9810, which is one of the multiple phones destined for release, will be hosted by AT&T. AT&T will also sell three of the phones by RIM. The other two models that will be sold by AT&T are BlackBerry Bold touch screen and BlackBerry Torch 9860, which is a touch only smart phone. BlackBerry Touch and Torch 9850, which is a variety of Torch, will be sold under Sprint Nextel brand. This BlackBerry smart phone bonanza was announced today.

New Facebook Application For BlackBerry PlayBook

With sequence to the success of the Facebook in the field of BlackBerry Smartphone application Research In Motion or RIM has announced for unveiling their upcoming product Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook, which is a new types of application that generate all the popular features of the Facebook and specially optimized for the 7-inch high resolution. On the other hand this also offers multi touch LCD screen for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

Approximately 30 million of Facebook users for BlackBerry Smartphone application want to stay in touch with this social networking giant while they want to go.

In this regard the vice president of collaboration as well as social networking at RIM, Tom Goguen, stated “Now with this application Facebook for BlackBerry playbook we can easily offers our customers a highly engaging social networking experience which specially optimized for the PlayBook. In spite of that this application will also give our users the potentiality of sharing videos or pictures with friends as well as their families on an NDTV.”

On the other hand this application Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook will also offer their users a highly engaging experience being integrated with popular functionality and features of Facebook such as view friend, add friends, seamless photo and video viewing, news feed, Facebook chat application etc.

So, it can easily find that this new features will allow the user to interact along with their friends much more quickly and easily. So, the user will easily find their friends by scanning it to the new grid view of their profile pictures, add new friend, search friends as well as manage new friend request options. In spite of that they will easily be able to interact with wall posts, view key information on the pages or profile and comment as well as like photos on profiles and pages.

Moreover, the News Feed option will enable the user browsing highlights including photo uploads, status updates as well as seamlessly view links with in the BlackBerry PlayBook browser and on the other hand they will also be able to show, like and comment application for friend’s content.