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Great Discount On BlackBerry PlayBooks in U.S.

As the last year did not come out as much successful for Research In Motion the company has put all its efforts to kick start 2012 with a new set of discounts on BlackBerry Playbook. In United State the company has announced a pretty good round of discount on the straggling tablet until the 4th day of February or until the stock come to an end. Until the mentioned time or situation arrives all of the models of the BlackBerry Playbook will be available in $299 in United State. The actual prices of the 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB models of the PlayBook are $499, $599 and $699 respectively. That means in that discount period one can get more that $400 off if he sticks to the larger model of PlayBook.

BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Release Has Been Delayed

Research In Motion was going through a very bad time during past few months. But the situation has become even more difficult for them. According to a most dependable source of BGR the upcoming release of the company, the BlackBerry 10 is a very poor device. It was expected that the company would acquire users trust again by its latest release. But after the poor remarks about the BlackBerry 10 it seems that the last hope for the company is not going to work.

BlackBerry QNX Based Smartphones Will Be Late In Market

Blackberry was about to launch their QNX based smartphone in the first quarter of 2012. But recently the company has declared that the launching will be delayed until the end of 2012. Research In Motion co-CEO Mike Lazaridis in an Investor Call in the last night has cited that they are really very sorry for the delay launching. He has expressed apologies and requested people to keep patience and have faith in RIM.

Apple Has Become 4th Largest Mobile Manufacturing Company

There are millions of people in the world who admire Apple’s productions. Although Apple’s last released iPhone 4S have not made users much happy it could not make much difference to Apple’s popularity among people. A recent study conducted by the market analysts of the market research firm comScore has claimed that one out of every 10 mobile phone users in the United States uses iPhone.

RIM looses another executive

Another senior executive has parted ways with Research In Motion. The said executive involved with the company’s move into “cloud-based” services, which adds to a string of high-level departures from the BlackBerry maker.

Jim Tobin, senior vice-president for software and business services, which reports directly to co-CEO Jim Balsillie, left the Canadian company months ago, RIM verified on Thursday in an email. It has never legitimately announced the exodus.

His exit further lessens a management team that has shake up a number of top executives in developer relations, sales, and marketing in current months.

The abrasion comes as the smartphone maker struggles in regaining its reasonable edge against Apple Inc’s iPhone and iPad and a slew of devices using Google’s Android software.

Some experts’ claims that RIM has habitually delayed the release of its new product, and once launched some of its devices have obtained poor reviews. Prior to this month, a global outage eliminated service for tens of millions of BlackBerry users from corner to corner of five continents.

In July RIM said it was reducing about 11 percent of its personnel since of falling sales and profit.

Tobin was accountable for the latest move by RIM into cloud services – that allows its enterprise customers in using servers hosted by RIM rather than on-site computers in handling email and other corporate data.

He also performed on a team, which developed BBM Music, a song-sharing service run on top of RIM’s trendy BlackBerry Messenger application, in addition to a wider push, in incorporating Messenger into third-party developer applications.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Tobin had also worked in product development at Comcast, and at Time Warner in a corporate technology role. He was an associate principal at consulting firm McKinsey,

RIM has separated ways with a string of prestigious employees in recent months, which includes chief marketing officer Keith Pardy and head of developer relations Tyler Lessard.

One of RIM’s three chief operating officers, Don Morrison, resigned in July following the time that he had taken a medical leave.

Two members of Pardy’s team later on later left for jobs with rival Samsung, whereas a member of Lessard’s developer outreach unit, Mike Kirkup, left in August.

An escalating chorus of investors and analysts are calling for a shake-up at the very top of the company, where co-founder Mike Lazaridis and long-time partner Jim Balsillie have the same roles as chief executives and chairmen of the board.

RIM’s shares have lost some 70 percent of their value ever since a peak around $70 accomplished in February. They were dealing 2.5 percent higher at $21.24 on the Nasdaq by early afternoon on Thursday.