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Microsoft Has Finally Won Deal Over Skype

Microsoft is targeting to buy the online telephone service Skype for a long time. At last Microsoft is seemed to acquire the long expected thing. Microsoft is going to secure the deal with Brussels in $ 8.5 billion. There had been a long time disturbance between Microsoft and the European competition authorities. The deal is expected to bring a change in the relation.

Nokia N9 Launch Planned For October This Year But Will It Cost $999?

After long procrastination and continuous delay in launching, Nokia N9 launch will take place in October this year. Although there is no official announcement from Nokia regarding the price of the phone, it is being said that it will cost around a $1000, which is way too high in the existing market with Android and Apple gadgets available for much less.

Skype Has Added Facebook Integration For Its Mac OS X Beta Client

Instant Messaging service provider Skype today has announced an update beta version for its client of Mac OS X, with in which they have added the similar Facebook features which already available for their Windows PCs users. So, it’s really a good news for Mac OS X beta clients – now they can easily link their Facebook accounts with Skype, on the other hand which will enable some interesting features of Facebook like instant messaging service with Facebook Friends, updates and read Facebook news feedback as well as like options.

Skype Will Arrive In The Market Within A New Pack

Today the software company Skype has announced their new version of product Skype 2.1 for Android Operating System. Practically Skype 2.1 will be going to support more than 17 most popular devices which are running on mobile operating system of Google.

So, if your handset has not got support of the Skype yet, then just browse android market through your cell phone and download it.

Skype App Appears in Apple Store and Disappears Within a Few Hours

After more than a month of waiting, the users of iPad could access the Skype app, albeit for just a few hours. Users of iPad have been expecting the app for more than a month now. However, it was only today that the much awaited app appeared at the Apple Store. Users who noticed the addition made a quick grab at it but to their disappointment, the app was pulled back within a few hours. With iPad 2 being equipped with a larger screen, user can enjoy the facility of video chatting in a much better manner. Further, the screen clarity and crispness of image has also been enhanced in iPad 2, which makes Skype experience much better for users. Chatting through Wi-Fi is possible with Skype all on the smart gadget.