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Keek :– Upload Your Micro Videos For Social Networking

Keek means a small peek. In keeping with its name, Keek provides a platform where you can have a peek into the life of your friend even if he lives across the ocean. Keek is the new name of social networking. Social networking is all about connecting with friends and acquaintances all over the world. Although connecting through online chats and text messages are the most common ways of social networking, there is a better way – videos. Instead of verbally talking about little moments that you want to share with friends, you can go a step ahead and let your friends watch videos about you. Not only is this way a lot more effective than having to chat verbally, it is also quick. Keek is one of the best video social networking sites available on the internet. Well, who wouldn’t like to communicate through micro videos? There are a number of advantages of using Keek. The biggest advantage is that you can let your friends watch you through your messages.

Asus Comes Up With The X101

In practical terms, netbooks are an extension of the laptops. They are sometimes built by the PC manufacturers to put up a competition against the tablets and the iPads ruling the markets. Hence to capture this market the netbooks must be priced at a significantly lower level. The Asus Eee PC X101 has a modest price of $199 and promises to give a new direction in the current market. The netbook is powered by the 1.33 GHz Intel Atom N435 with a RAM of 1GB. The internal storage of the X101 is 8GB. Social networking is one of the things that one would love to do in this netbook. The X101 runs on the MeeGo OS which is mostly used by the smartphones and the netbooks. Social networking can be easily done with the help of MyZone which is a substitute for the desktop in MeeGo. It is quite easy to use the MeeGo once you get a bit accustomed to it and it will not necessarily take much time to get to do it.

Vodafone Launches Blue Facebook Phone

Vodafone has been in the market of building QWERTY phones and providing social networking experience to all it users and to continue on their endeavor, they have brought out the Facebook 555 which in itself is very good one to have in your kitty. The full QWERTY keypad with trackball is great addition and the phone is really hardy. The quality of the keypad is very impressive and you can have all your typing done at ease. The 2.4” screen with TFT display supports up to 256K display has got good brightness and the display is really clear. The optical trackpad is located below the screen at the center with the menu keys beside it. The QWERTY keypad has a dedicated camera key which helps you to use the camera in one touch and take good quality pictures.

Kyocera Will Release Its DIGNO By December

The Japanese handset manufacturer Kyocera is making a real head start into the industry of smartphones where there is large no. of smartphones already produced. In spite of all this the new Kyocera Digno is a stylish handset to possess if you do not want to spend so many bucks for an apple iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy. The Kyocera Digno has got great looks and the multi touch input is something which provides the users with smooth touch sensation and fast opening of apps. The 4 inch super AMOLED display is perfect and its brightness also suits your eyes to perfection. The toughened glass is also very strong and can resist friction up to a very high level. The greatest plus point for this handset is that it is really slim. It is only 8.7m thick and can give real headache for the smartphone manufacturers from here on. What’s more, it is also water proof which makes it real user friendly device and easy to operate.

Ultrabook A New Competitor For Macbook

In a world where the demand for mobile computing is growing day by day the need for a technology that would provide the user with the features of both a personal computer and a tablet is very much essential. Being able to enjoy the experiences of social networking on your tablet may not make you fully content. One may feel the need to be able to make large personal documents on the same thing and also fulfil some of their important business needs. Hence the concept of an ultrabook arrived. This special form of a laptop has been built by the likes of Asus (UX21), Acer (Aspire S3), Lenovo (IdeaPad U300) and Toshiba (Portege Z830) and will soon reach the markets. Asus has claimed that its 0.66inches thin and 1.1kg heavy UX21 will initiate from the sleep mode in just two seconds.