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Toshiba Packs A Punch With Its New Satellite P755

Toshiba has always been trying to capture a fair share of the notebook market and here they are now bringing on some power packed laptops at affordable prices which can only help their cause.  They needed a real boost in their machines and now they are having it. The latest Toshiba Satellite P755-S5272 is a stylish notebook where a large number of features are installed and therefore it is presently one of the best in the business.  The lid of the Satellite has got a Platinum Fusion X2 design which makes it look elegant and the chrome Toshiba logo is set up at the center of the lid. The grey metal finish at the sides is also wonderful to watch from outside.  The same polarizing finish is found in the interior where the black shiny keyboard is installed.

Toshiba Turns On The Heat With Its Latest Quosmio

Toshiba is slowly getting into the market of laptop with its additional features and upgradations that they are making in their latest laptops and are finding a fair share of customer preference.  The Toshiba Quosmio F755-S5219 is the latest one that is available in the market and given its features it has hiked its price quite a bit. It is Toshiba’s first 3D laptop where you do not need any glasses. It is probably this feature that adds to the price of the laptop. The Toshiba F755-S5219 is slim in design. It has got a red lid on the exterior with the Quosmio written on it. It however looks more like a sports car than a laptop. However when you see the designs n the interior you will be wowed. But the upper part does not have much protection to prevent the fingerprints on the surface and that is not a great thing to do.

Toshiba Enters The Market With It Thrive Tablet

Toshiba is also entering the market of tablets and given the technology they are using in their products it should never be much problem for them to capture a fair share of the market. The new Thrive has some great additional features that make it unique from many other tablets to the good. Be it the full sized USB ports to the adding of a few riffs to the Honeycomb theme, the Thrive has it all to have a fair bite of cherry. The attractive back cover is made of rubber and is really stylish in its looks and charming for customers.it is easy to grip and comfortable to carry even though it is a little too heavy for your liking. The 1.6pounds is fairly heavier and thicker compared to Samsung galaxy Tab.

New Generation Ultrabooks Ready To Hit The Market Soon

World’s leading computer manufacturing company HP and Dell are going to bring in market their first Ultrabook. Digi Times’ has leaked the news. Earlier Acer, Asus, Toshiba and Lenovo had introduced their Ultrabooks to market. HP has revealed their plans to launch their ultrabook at the very end of this year through Quanta Computer, a Taiwanese computer manufacturing company, while Dell has planned to make the first appearance of their ultrabook, co – produced by Wistron in January 2012 in CES. They have also informed that their ultrabook will be offering a 14 inch screen.

Sprint Cancels Plans for Blackberry Playbook 4G

Sprint Nextel, the tech company that has teamed up with RIM to sell the 7 inch display boasting Blackberry Playbook has scrapped plans for the launch of Playbook 4G. Earlier this year Rim had declared the launch of the 4G version of the Playbook, but Sprint today dismissed any chances of the anticipated launch of the 4G version. The company said in a  statement today that it wants to apologize for any inconvenience caused, but it no longer wants to be associated with the yet to be launched 4G version of the Playbook.  Sprint also said that this was a mutual decision between RIM and Sprint.