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Rip music CD to mp3 in Windows Vista

This procedure is applied near about all versions of windows vista, because windows vista is associated with such features which already gave the users the ability of ripping the music to mp3 file format for free. Also near about all the music players including Apple’s iPod will not play the default wma format.  Moreover by using mp3 format you can quite ensure that you can listen all types of music to your music device.

Clear Recent Items List On Shut Down Of Windows Vista

Windows Vista all the time keeps the track of the files that you have opened in it, aside from that it also allows you for easily access to your recent work. But many of us have been failing to do so as well as clearing it permanently from the Shut Down menu. But here in the tutorial I have implemented some useful tricks, with the help of which you can clear this easily. Just follow the rest article carefully:

  1. Do select start menu.
  2. In the run option type gpedit.msc.
  3. Hit enter on the text box.
  4. Now select gpedit.msc while it appears in the listing.
  5. Do right click on the continue button as soon as the UAC prompt appears on your screen.
  6. Next your Group Policy Object Editor will appear on your screen.
  7. Move your cursor towards left pane.
  8. After that expand User Configuration.
  9. Next do expand on the Administrative Templates.

10. Now select the Start Menu and Taskbar option.

11. Next move your cursor towards the right pane.

12. Make a double click on the Clear history of recently opened documents on exit command.

13. From the Properties window do select the Enabled radio button.

14. Do right click on the OK button.

15. If you perform the previous carefully your Group Policy Object Editor will be successfully closed.

16. So don’t waste your time just try it today and enjoy.

Create an Administrative Command Prompt Shortcut In Windows Vista

If you are a user of the Administrative Command Prompt then it will be too much advantageous for you to create a shortcut , instead of continuously having to go the shortcut for the command prompt and also by right clicking or selecting Run as an administrator. Just read the following procedure carefully, you can make it easily:

  1. Do right click on the Start button of your computer.
  2. Select All programs tab from that.
  3. Now move your cursor towards Accessories tab.

Reset the Recycle Bin In Windows Vista

Sometimes it happens that your recycle may be corrupted or may be prevented you from deleting the files from it. But need not to be worry here I am giving some simple steps with the help of which you can get the full functionary of your Recycle Bin.

But before doing anything first you need to view the hidden files and folders as well as protected operating system files of your computers. But if you do not know then just follow the following:

  1. Do simple click on the Start button of your computer.
  2. Then select Computer.
  3. Then just press the Alt button of your keyboard and hold it.
  4. Your Menu will appear in front of you.
  5. Then choose Tools.
  6. Again from the same menu select Folder Options.
  7. Now select the View tab.
  8. Under the hidden files and folder select Show hidden files and folders button.
  9. Also unclick on the Hide protected operating system files.
  10. Now click on the OK button.
  11. And finish it.

Your hidden system files will be appeared in front of you. Then do the following.

Do the following work on your Recycle Bin:

  1. First select your C:\, which means thee specific drive where your operating system vista is installed.
  2. Then find $ Recycle bin.
  3. Do delete your $Recycle.Bin, you can do it easily just by right clicking on the file and by selecting Delete.
  4. In this matter you may face some option like “You want to delete this folder permanently.”
  5. Then click on the yes button.
  6. Now it will ask you to confirm the action.
  7. Just click on the continue button.
  8. Now the UPS prompt will appears in front of you.
  9. Just click on the continue button.
  10. Next one option opened in front of you “You want to permanently delete this folder.”
  11. Then again click on the yes button.
  12. If you do the previous correctly then delete file dialogue will appear in front of you.
  13. Then just click on the Do this for all current items from the checkbox.
  14. Next click on the yes button.
  15. Next you have to confirm that you want to delete each and every file, so click on the checkbox.
  16. After that just restart your computer.
  17. Now you can get your recycle bin fully functional again.
  18. Then again hidden the system files and folder.
  19. So how simple is that, just try it today and enjoy.

Fix the Task Manager as a Desktop Gadget On Your Windows

Hello friend, I know very well all of you are very familiar with the Windows Task Manager utility. All time you use it for ending the process of a program or checking cup usage or networking activity. So did you ever think for using task manager as a desktop gadget. But believe me that you can use that as a desktop gadget. You can do it easily just by double clicking of your mouse.


Now I know very well what is exactly going through your mind, I am sure you are thinking now how to do that, but need not to worry I am here to teach you step by step how to do that, just follow the rest article carefully.

  1. Do right click on the Taskbar.
  2. Move your cursor towards Task Manager Utility.
  3. Select it.
  4. Then select the Performance tab or Networking tab.
  5. Now make a double click inside anywhere on your monitor, but be remembered not to make double click on the menu bar.
  6. If you do that correctly then you will not only be able to see the graphical representation of your CPU Usage or the Networking information but also you can realize the desired size as well as position of it to that desired location of that specific area.
  7. And if you ever want to see your task manager on its original look, then just make a double click inside the Task Manager window.
  8. Now you task manager once again return to its original position.
  9. So don’t waste your time.

10.  Just try it and enjoy.