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Dell Unveils Latitude ST

The giant computer manufacturing company Dell has introduced in market their dashing new laptop named Latitude ST. it has been claimed at the company’s side that the laptop will win the hearts of business purpose laptop users as well as healthcare workers, education purpose users and casual users. Breaking the recent trends Dell’s Latitude ST will run the Windows 7.

HP Pavilion G4 Is Cheap But Runs Out Of Gas

HP is going through real tough times in the laptop market thanks to the stiff competition by the very closely related competitors who are not ready to give away an inch. In order to keep their stability and improve the sale of laptops HP has come up with a good laptop at affordable price which surely will find a place in the laptop market with its grace and power. The new HP pavilion G4 is not a high priced one – ranging from 390$-435$ and is really good on its components.

Google’s New Translation App To Translate 14 Languages

Till date Apple and Windows 7 has offered their users the facility to instruct their mobile handsets in their normal voice tone. But now it is time to expect more. Google has announced that they are going to introduce a new app for Android that will enable the mobile handsets to interpret for their users.

Upcoming Bamboo Series For Creative Computing From Wacom

Wacom India Pvt. Ltd is going to launch their series of brand new tablets shortly. The series will include the Bamboo Fun (medium), the Bamboo Pen & Touch (small) and the Bamboo Pen (small). The Bamboo Pen & Touch and the Fun are ideal for people, who like to work in a light mood, lying on their bed or sofa as it is very light in weight. The users can also use them on the go as they are wireless models. The combined features of multi touch screen and the writing on paper with pen feeling make it the most desirable model for creative minded tablet users.

Gigabyte Posts A Bang On The Notebook Market

Gigabyte has always been producing some quality computer parts for the different manufacturers of laptops. But this time around they are themselves bringing out a stylish power packed laptop for professional use. It is whole new package and it is a new area of operation for them. If they succeed then we will see a new competitor in the laptop market. The latest Gigabyte P2532N is a new multimedia notebook which has impressive features even though it is having a fairly high price range. But when carefully look at the components that have been installed in them you will probably have a measure of why the cost is so high. The exterior display is attractive even though it is a classic black with a silver tone.