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Amazon Updates Kindle Fire Version To 6.2.1

Yesterday shopping giant Amazon has released brand new version of their Kindle fire software that is version 6.2.1. Their main aim behind this beautiful updates is to improve its UI performance that they noticed earlier on the basic of their many customer complains. Any user of Kindle Fire can easily get it from internet, because Amazon already started to distribute this update all over the air.

YouTube tries new venture

Youtube tries a different path as it ventures into partnerships with some of the most prestigious names and companies from around the world.

The Google Inc.-owned video site said Friday that they were planning to launch over 100 new video channels. The partners composed of an array of Hollywood production companies, celebrities and new media groups, which are going to produce mainly niche-oriented videos.

YouTube is about to spend around $100 million to producers, as stated by some people familiar with the matter, speaking about the condition of anonymity. The money is a form of advance payment that the advertising money the videos are going to bring in, and Google will get its portion back first before dividing the earnings. Advances are as high as $5 million per channel, said another person, who knows about the arrangement, also talking on condition of anonymity.

No one got the authorization to talk about the matter publicly.

Google did not want to share any financial details of the deals, but noted that the majority of revenue is going to go to partners.

The partners includes some of the prominent names in the world such as Madonna, former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, comedian Amy Poehler, actorAshton Kutcher, “Office” star Rainn Wilson, spiritual doctor Deepak Chopra and “Modern Family” actress Sofia Vergara. Most creates channels over their production companies. Madonna is an associate of the dance channel DanceOn, while O’Neal plans the Comedy Shaq Network.

Lionsgate presents a fitness channel, and other channels is going to be presented by news satire the Onion, professional wrestling’s WWE, online magazine Slate and news service Thomson Reuters.

The channels are going to roll out starting this month, though most is going to debut next year. YouTube says the channels are going to add 25 hours of new content every day, with dozens of Web series debuting at scheduled times.


Sony Comes Up With The KDL-NX720 Series

The 3D technology is of two types namely the active 3D technology and the passive 3D technology. Sony is one of the pioneers of 3D with the active technology. Its latest introduction to the television market, the Sony KDL-NX720 also possesses the active 3D technology. But the 3D quality may not be the most impressive. Apart from that some of the other features like the edge-lit LED backlight with local dimming and a superb design certainly make the Sony KDL-NX720 one of the TVs to look out for. The KDL-NX720 series consists of three TVs with different display sizes. There is the KDL-46NX720 with a 46 inches display, the KDL-55NX720 with 55 inches display and the KDL-60NX720 has 60 inches of display. Though 55NX720 is being mostly talked about here but it is to be remembered that the other TVs in the series have similar specifications with a major difference in only the screen size.

LG Has Produced One Of The Bests Of The Year

The LG Infinia 47LW5600 is a TV with the passive 3D technology. But other than that the TV shines in some of the most important areas like the pictures in 2D and some other nice facilities. The LW5600 consists of two TVs. The one with the 55 inches display is called 55LW5600 and the other one with 47 inches is called the 47LW5600. This review will feature the 47 inches one. However the change in the display size may not cause much difference since both the TVs have the same features. The 47LW5600 possesses the passive 3D technology. This technology makes the TV cheaper in the first place with the cheaper 3D glasses. The 3D quality is good in case of this TV. The edge lit LED backlight with local dimming is one of the best features that are ever seen. There is a LG Wireless Media Box which helps a person to attach the HDMI.

Microsoft Unveils Flash On Notice For Plug – in Free Metro IE 10

Software giant Microsoft is now distancing itself from the technology which itself claims that Internet Explorer Metro Version 10 for Windows 8 will be a plug in free experience for its users. But you need not to be any worried in this case, because in this latest Flash version you will still be able to review Flash as well as other plug – in content in Windows 8, but in order to watch them you will need to switch to the classic Windows desktop option.