The Velocity Micro Cruz T408 Is Promising

Consumers around the world nowadays tend to demand tablets that are high on performance as well low on price. Hence we see the arrival of the Velocity Micro Cruz T408 which primarily aims to capture the market of college students and the economical consumers with a comparatively cheap price. Indeed at $239 this tablet promises to attract a good number of consumers but it is to be seen whether it performs as good as one may expect it to perform. The Velocity Micro Cruz T408 runs on the 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor. A RAM of 512MB is present along with it. Considering these two it may turn out to be slightly sluggish in its performance although it is quite fast and responsive at times. Hence even though it may not be the best in terms of its speed but it certainly does a fair job. The graphics performance of the tablet was also very good and respectable.

The T408 has the user interface of Android 2.3. The top of the home display screen has a large Google search slab and some other icons are present at the bottom. There are five other home screens having options like Facebook and Twitter on one and calendar on the other and different other options on different other pages. The apps of this tablet come from the Amazon Appstore and GetJar. Some of the interesting apps found here are the QuickOffice, Amazon Kindle and Angry Birds Rio. The tablet roughly lasts for around 8 hours. The battery backup may hence sound fairly good. The outer surface of the tablet comes in black and glossy plastic while the inner part is done in aluminum.

The round edges are also good for the eye. There are a headphone jack, microSD port and a USB port at the top. A power button and a volume button rest on the right side of the tablet. The 8 inch 800×600 display produced some nice and detailed images with bright colours. The video quality was not bad. However the single speaker of the T408 failed loud enough sounds. The 0.3 megapixel camera also failed to live up to the expectations in terms of video chatting. There were no separate keys for numbers and symbols in the keyboard which caused some problem. Otherwise the keyboard produced some decent performance. The Velocity Micro Cruz T408 may be one of the tablets to look out for but it will face some serious competition against tablets with better performance and cheaper price that are already there in the market.