Too many passwords Leave at Greater Risk of Password Hacking

Natasha Lomas of says, huge demand of password system has brought their security system at risk. The modern users in the search of half-remembered passwords, now do not merely surf the nut but they blunders out of access denial. If you have recently cleared your cookies or cache, then you can look forward to become a code-breaker and cycle using their mental glossary which would have just unlocked this specific digital door. According to laws of internet you will be able to hit your forgotten password to remember after you have hit the forgotten my password link, refreshed your inbox many a times, clicked on reset your password link and typed in the new password.

On Catch 22 grounds, you will not be allowed to reset your password when you already have used that password before. And before you can think of bringing them to a halt, your fingers might have scuttled through the keyboard making another password which is so mysterious that it is next to impossible to remember it the next time you want to play Goo or shorten the URL. And this is how the cycle of password purgatory goes on and on, in this mere Divine Digital Comedy.
Password Hacking

Peter Cochrane, columnist, noted the password system no longer serves its purpose as this system is broken. Additionally, the News of the World phone hacking scandal also implies that password or PIN system doesn’t guarantee its safety. Apart from many other problems with online passwords, proliferation is another main problem. Almost every web service, device and app today asks for login which leaves a person to memorize two bits of information for every service which are a username and password. This is why people prefer using same password for different services or use easy passwords like the word password itself. The obvious reason why everyone reaches for familiar passwords rather than complicated yet safe ones is that the memory is not perfect and brain storage is also finite.  It is required to keep ourselves away from such stupid acts.

Say if the password is for online banking, it is necessary to keep a complex password. After all, it is the funds in bank account which are at stake otherwise. But passwords and increasingly demanding passwords are needed everywhere, be it a news site, an app, any shop, or any other. This world is a lot about passwords now so be careful while you set one.