Windows 8 Will Boot 8 Seconds Earlier

Software giant Microsoft has now once again joined in the lime light taking their brand new operating system Windows 8, where they have stated that their bran new upcoming OS Windows 8 will boot 8 seconds faster– here they have not finished this matter, apart from that to proved that they have additionally posted a video at their blog which is also showing the same thing.

In a recent blog post the authority of this software giant has explained the entire matter like how they have tested this software. With the sequence to the fact Gabe Aul has stated “Our this new solution is nothing but a super fast start up mode, which is an inheritance of traditional cold boot as well as resuming from of hibernate.”

On the other hand the entire procedure is indicating the hibernating the entire download season, in spite of shutting down completely and starting it back again is the primary key of this fast boot.

Entire procedure of first booting:

In an addition with that operating system the developer team has added a new feature which accesses all the cores of it and divides it into many parallel processes – the entire procedure then splits the entire task of reading and hibernating of kernel file and then decompressing it. That’s why this procedure is quiet successful to maintain a faster load time.

Aul has also stated “Another good reason of this fastest boot up is its Plug and Play enumeration of all devices, where we can initialize drivers in this mode.”

Last but not in the list he also added “If you always prefer to get an experience with cold boot in order to freshen up drivers, then you shall be very glad to know that it is still effective in this new versions – though the above procedure is not the inheritance of the cold boot.”