Security Breach might get worse

Although there is security software, that the filer out those emails. There is still a possibility that phishing emails can pass through them. When that appends, some people might fall victim since they could click on dodgy links and emails.

This year has seen impressive security breaches, with Sony, Google and national governments are just among the highest profile victims of a new wave of cybercrime.


Google Apps Tackles New Security Necessities in L.A.

Google’s complete execution of its Google Apps cloud partnership software for Los Angeles got postponed due to added security necessities from the city’s police department.

When Google got the Los Angeles contract in providing its Gmail and other applications for Los Angeles’ 30,000 municipal employees in December 2009, it marked a watershed win. However, it only worth $7.25 million, it was a high-profile deal for a company working hard in expanding its user base, not only in businesses but also in government, ripening for upgrades to on-premise collaboration systems from


Nasdaq Attacker involved with espionage

Following the breach of Nasdaq’s Director’s Desk Web application last fall, the attackers left monitoring tools to eavesdrop on board directors’ communications.

According to an article in Reuters, the hackers responsible for breaching the Nasdaq stock exchange network last year had left remote-monitoring software, allowing them in spying on corporate directors.