Acer Coming Up With The New Travel Mate Timelinex

Acer is bringing out it’s less than 100$ laptops in a hurry and are providing a large number of specifications that can give satisfaction to the users in a long way.  The latest Acer Travel Mate TimeLineX 8481T is a great one to have for the professionals.  With its stylish designs and great processors inside it is bound to give a great deal of satisfaction to its users. The Acer Travel Mate TimeLineX 8481T has great slim designs with modern technological specifications. Any how the Black lid cover bears the mark of fingerprints which is not desirable, but as you can say that is not a real major issue as such. The interior is as black as the exterior. It is lightweight, only 4 pounds at max and also very slim in shape. Thus it can be easily portable from one place to another.

The island type keyboard gives enough spacing a high number of words being typed. 50 words per min with 1 % error rate is sufficient and above par. The keyboard is also very smooth. The touchpad is smooth too, but still it is a bit slow. However the mouse keys are good with a space between and that helps in resting of your hands to some extent. The 14.1” display with LED backlit is good one to have and the audio quality is not a good experience and even hearing movie dialogues is a strain for your ears. Still listening to music is better and the Realtek High Definition Audio Output gives certain loudness. The 1.3 Megapixel webcam can capture quality images and helps you in video conferencing at will.

The Intel core i5-2557M with 1.7 GHz is very sound technology and add to that a 4GB RAM it really works well. The swiftness of opening and closing applications are easy and therefore the performance of the processor is satisfying. The 320 Gb hard disk space can host the Windows Professional 7 64-bit really well and hence it the user friendly interface works fine. The Intel HD3000 GPU worked out superbly too, enhancing the graphics acceleration to another level. The battery life was also very long and therefore for professional businessmen it is really can last more than 9hrs 30 mins which is a great deal for any laptop. With its pricing of 999$ it is quite good to have the Acer Travel Mate TimeLineX 8481T with you on the go.