Acer Home Theatre PC – How Good Is It ?

Revo RL100 Media Center

After tasting astounding success with laptops, Acer has come out with a PC Home Theater system that looks extremely stylish and just not like a computer. The company has brought in some very innovative technology that makes the home theater system look very cool and highly functional. Sleek and slim, Revo RL100 enables a fantastic interconnectivity with all other Acer gadgets. You can very well connect the home theater system to your mobile phone as you can to your laptops using clear. If technology from the house of Acer.Specifications

Acer Revo RL100 is slim, being just an inch thick. It runs on an AMD II K 325 processor. Nvidia Ion for The best part of this sleek home theater system is undoubtedly, its keypad. Housed in a tray that can be pushed into the PC, the keypad is an innovation like the ones never seen before? The keypad can be switched between being a pointer and a touch keyboard. The device comes with 4GB RAM and 750GB hard drive. For convenience, the device is fitted with two USB ports at the back and one in the front. Users can enjoy Wi-Fi, multiple card reader, Ethernet and high definition images and S/PDFI output source.


The only limitation of Acer Revo RL100 is also its biggest advantage – the keypad. While it is great as a dual mode keypad, it is just not suitable for typing works. You can do messaging on social networking sites, but if you have to write important papers and technical articles, then you have to use another system. This computer focuses more on being a home theater systems rather than a functional computer.

How much does it cost?

You can enjoy the comfort of home theater with the new Acer Revo RL100 at $499.99. If you are looking for a home theater system with an inbuilt blu-ray, then the cost escalates to $569.99.

An Overview

Acer is a top manufacturer of laptops and computer systems. With the new home theater laptop, Acer has scaled new heights. The product is moderately functional as a computer and excellent as a home theater system. The design is fabulous with brass trimmings and real sleek and classy appearance. It is packs a punch in terms of features and connectivity. The price, although higher than many laptops, is reasonable for a home theater system. On the whole, the system gives a good return on your investment.