Acer Will launch cheaper 15 inch Ultrabook soon

The Taiwanese manufacturer Acer sometimes ago introduced their ultrabook, which was the cheapest device present in market. People welcomed the ultrabook whole heartedly due to its least expensiveness and easy availability. Now, DigiTimes has reported that influenced by the huge success of its 11 inch and 13 inch ultrabooks the Taiwanese company is going to launch its 15 inch ultrabook featuring an even cheaper price.

Acer launched their 13 inch ultrabook Aspire S3 at the price of $ 899 only the price has been slashed to $ 876 at Amazon. Acer has announced that the upcoming 15 inch ultrabook will be available in just $ 699. While there is news about the price of the upcoming 15 inch ultrabook from Acer the tech world does not have much knowledge about the detailed specification of the device. The little that has been known is that the ODM production will be possible by the Pegatron technology. According to the sources Acer is outsourcing the ultrabooks that are present in the market right now to Wistron and global sales. The reason behind the action is the estimation which shows that those systems will attain 250,000-300,000 units till the end of 2011.

Some weeks ago from a speech of Acer CEO J.T. Wang we came to know that Acer is no longer interested in making cheap and non-profitable products and the company is shifting its attention to manufacturing devices featuring longer battery life and thin and light weight design. But the recent announcement of the 15 inch ultrabook available in just $ 699 indicates to the fact that the Taiwanese company is not at all inhibited to cut down its prices.

Eventually Acer is not the only company which is planning on a 15 inch ultrathin notebook. Apple, the tech giant is also working on a 15 inch MacBook Air version or may be a 15 inch MacBook Pro version. Apple is expected to launch its device sometimes during the Q1 and Q2 of 2012.