Activation Rate Of Android Devices Increasing Rapidly

Android” is a popular name in the tech world. With time Android devices are gathering more and more popularity among people. Andy Rubin, who is the Google’s vice president of mobile, in a recent speech, has disclosed that according to their latest record everyday more than 700,000 Android devices are getting activated. The record points out to a lift of 40 per cent from the former record (till June 2011) which showed that 500,000 android devices got activated per day. In the month of July the record showed that 550,000 android devices got activated everyday and this means that the latest record has received a lift of 27 per cent.

Rubin has posted clearly on his Google+ account that they never re-count any device that means they do not count a sold device twice. He has also clarified what they actually mean by the term “activation”. Activation, Rubin has informed is the action of buying a device from store and then running it on a certain network by subscribing any wireless service.

In the last October Steve Jobs the former CEO and the co-founder of Apple mentioned that every day over 275,000 iOS devices were activated in average. The whole tech world knows that when it comes to the total sale Apple is on the top. In the last September quarter the total sale of iOS devices reached to 250 million while Android devices could make it to 200 million only. But a good sign is that Google is accelerating very fast to wipe out the difference and the current activation rate is its evidence.

But the market share for smartphones alone represents a complete different picture. At the end of October Android powered smartphones achieved 53 per cent of the total market share while iOS powered smartphones remained confined to only 29 per cent.