AMD Unveils Bulldozer Processors For OEM

Processor chip manufacturing company AMD has recently announced their upcoming processor, which is entirely based on the Bulldozer architecture – claimed by the authority.

Though the company said that at this moment this upcoming processor clip would not work with the PC, because now they only designed it for the OEM, but later they also promised that they would implement it in the greater versions such as PC or Supercomputer sections.

The company also explained that they already started the manufacturing of this product “Interlagos” since the last August and they demanded that this brand new processor would support  AMD’s Opteron 6100 Series platforms and architecture.

So, in short it only can be said that this clips are the world first clip, which is entirely based on 16-core x86 processor, that’s why AMD should be glad about that.

Though, it is true that world second processor chip manufacturer AMD always tries to manufacture their clip on the basics of brand new architecture not for the updates of their existing product.

Interlagos – Short Looks:

Well in that point it can only be said that it is really a great achievement for Rick Bergman, the Products Group’s senior vice president as well as general manager of AMD and for AMD also.

Moreover, with the sequence to the above fact Bergman said “This is honestly a monumental moment for our life because we are bringing world first x86 CPUs or ‘Bulldozer’ core processor in the market.”

Later Bergman also added “This flexible brand new Bulldozer architecture will provide the entire data center as well as web customer a scalability which they really needed for handling cloud and virtualization workloads.”